Why use a status embed?

It’s possible that many of your end-users don't  check your status page to know about the status of your services when there is a downtime. This can easily lead to social media outrage and poor customer satisfaction.  As this reflects poorly on your brand, it may cause a sense of distrust among your customers. Avoid this by embedding status badges and widgets on your site. Just copy and paste an auto-generated code onto your webpage and it’s done.


Flaunt your current status with a badge

With a status badge, you can display your service’s current status from your website. Whether services are up or if some are facing downtime, the status displayed on the badges will change in real-time. 

Freshstatus status badges come in 3 different styles and can be customized to match your brand guidelines.

Use status badges to display service availability. Choose from 3 different badge styles.


Real-time updates with

Alert Widgets

With a live incident, you might want to flash a louder message to your customers. The alert widget just does that. 

These widgets automatically appear on your site when you create an incident or schedule a maintenance event. They display information about the incident and disappear when the incident is resolved or when the maintenance is complete.

Set up banners and pop-ups as alert widgets to display status whenever there is a new incident or scheduled maintenance.