Keep employees and clients informed 

with a live private status page


Privacy and access

Authenticate users using SSO/SAML

Setup single sign-on for your company using public identity providers like Google or Microsoft or other private identity providers like Okta. Configure access to alerts and subscriptions.


granular subscriber management
Manage subscriber preferences with ease

Keep your employees or focused client groups in the loop, always. Allow them to subscribe to your status page and choose incidents they want to be updated on. Remove the subscribe button from the status page completely. Also bulk import subscribers or use an API and manage their alert preferences in one click.



quick service status change

Change incident status quickly

Enable your teams to report incidents and update their statuses quickly in just one click,  while you have the liberty to create an Incident at a later time

Templates and canned responses
Update incidents and maintenance events with templates

Let your teams focus on resolving bugs and other downtimes instead of worrying about communicating them to the right stakeholders. Use incident templates and canned responses to maintain consistency and accuracy in your messaging.




Alerts and notifications
Notify employees and clients on channels of your choice

Bring alerts to channels where your team members are always active. Use Email or Webhook integrations to connect Freshstatus with Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, and more.


powerful software integrations
Integrate with the tools you already love

Auto-create a new incident in Freshservice the moment you record an incident on Freshstatus. Or, create real-time incidents on your status page whenever Freshping detects downtime or performance degradation. Make your status page more powerful.

Looking for more?

Here's a glimpse of a few more things that you get in this free software


internal notifications
Keep everyone easily notified

Ensure your teams are in the loop of what's happening behind the scenes of a particular incident.


A status page built for YOU

Customize the look and feel of your status page to match your company's branding and messaging styles. In addition, structure your service components better with up to three nested levels to depict the dependencies and grouping of your choice.

private incidents and notes
Private incidents and maintenance and notes

Create a private log of incidents and maintenance events that don't affect or don't need to be shared with end-users. Post secure notes accessible only by your teams while you work on a resolution for a public incident and maintenance.



Historical data
Get insights on your status page

Display and showcase service availability for up to the last 90 days on your status page or communicate only the current status of the service.