Make incident communication simple

with a public status page


Incident creation

Create incidents quickly

Leverage our APIs to link your monitoring systems to create incidents automatically or use the ‘Quick Status’ feature to change availability on your status page immediately and add incident information later. 

Create a status page that suits your needs

Configure your status page to carry brand colors, support info, and more. And structure your service components better with up to three nested levels.



Search-optimize your status page

Add SEO components like a meta title and meta description to make sure customers can search and find your status page.

Subscriptions and alerts
Alert users at their preferred channels

Allow customers to subscribe to individual service components or the entire services list. Give them control to receive alerts via Email, Twitter, RSS/ATOM, or via Webhook.

Embeddable elements
Deflect tickets with badges and banners

Use badges and banners to showcase availability on your website or support portal. Use badges to display real-time info round the clock, and banners when there’s an active incident or maintenance event. 

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Clarified messaging
Tell customers what’s happening

Get control over the various stages of your incident management process viz., ‘in progress,’ ‘under investigation,’ etc. Also, define the source of the incident.

For admins and agents

Integrate with your tech ecosystem

Detect downtimes with Freshping and auto-create incidents. Integrate with Freshdesk or Freshservice to log and action incidents without manual effort, and use advanced Webhook configs to push information to any other systems.

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Templated messages
Improve productivity with incident templates

Use canned responses and incident templates to speed up your incident management. Spend less time on typing and more on resolving issues.


Measure traffic and usage
Get insights on your status page

Add a Google Analytics tracking ID to your status page to understand page visits, button clicks, subscriptions, and more.

Other customizations
Manage incident messaging your way

Edit alert emails to add brand colors, logos and even edit the text. Add custom ‘sent from’ and ‘reply to’ email IDs too.

For process and internal team collaborations

Private incidents and maintenance
Control incident information access

Add private notes to incidents so the people behind the scenes can stay up to date. Create private incidents for minor outages that don’t affect customers

Internal notifications
Streamline processes and internal collaboration

Use internal notifications to share information with internal teams that customers cannot access. Use it to ensure teams don’t miss out on anything important.

Privacy and access 
Deep access management for your status page

Offer access to agents/ admins via a public identity access provider like Google or Microsoft, or allow them to log in via an ID and password.