What is a status page?

Statuspage enables you to communicate incidents, scheduled maintenances and downtimes with your customers. Status page can either be public or private. Public status pages helps you build customer trust and showcase the reliability of your platform with historical uptime and performance timeline of your services. Private status pages helps you communicate incidents with internal teams only, when the site is down. With status page, you have complete control over how you communicate an incident on your status page. You can notify your customers in real-time about updates in incidents and scheduled maintenance, which reduces the number of customer support queries and improves customer loyalty & trust. With Incident analytics, learn more about your incident frequency and track mean time to resolve incidents (MTTR).

Benefits of using a statuspage

Reduce customer support queries and frustration

Reduce customer support queries by communicating incidents and outages on your platform with complete autonomy over the communication.

Build trust among users

Build trust among customers by communicating all incidents and updates in real-time. Being transparent begets customer trust.

Show reliability and credibility

With statuspage’s historical uptime and incidents history, showcase reliability and credibility

Be in control

With Status page, you completely control how the incidents, scheduled maintenances and their updates are communicated to the customer via email or twitter.

Learn from incident analytics

With analytics such as incident frequency and Mean time to resolve (MTTR), better understand how your services are performing and improve them.

Collaborate with team & solve incidents faster

With a status page product, collaborate internally with your team on incidents with context by adding private notes.

Why should you choose Freshstatus

What we’re not
What we are
No free plan. Only paid plans.

You need to pay even for the basic features.

A free forever plan

You have to pay only when you grow (more than 250 subscribers). Otherwise we are free

Takes 20 minutes to setup a status page

Setup your page for 20 minutes and then 
add a credit card to get it live 😱

Status page in 1-click

Create your hosted, branded statuspage in 1-click 
and set it up under 60 seconds

No collaboration feature

No Status page supports internal collaboration during an incident

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your colleagues with private notes and resolve incidents quicker.

No analytics

Doesn't provide analytics even in the highest paid plan

Learn using analytics

Insights about incidents that your team can learn from and improve on

3 Freshstatus features that help you automate

Notify customers automatically on email

With Freshstatus email notifications, notify your subscribers in-real time when the incidents occur. Customers will also be reminded about upcoming scheduled maintenances via email. Customers can subscribe for real-time notifications from your status page to receive email notifications whenever an incident occurs. With email subscribers, you need not notify each customer individually or worry about support queries. Real-time email notification to customers is completely takes care of customer communication for you, so that you can focus on what really matters - Resolving the incident quicker.

Notify subscribers of downtimes automatically with Email

Automatic real-time incident notifications via your Twitter handle

With Freshstatus notify your customers with automatic posts on twitter, from your twitter handle and keep your followers updated in real-time. With twitter integration, avoid the storm of customer support queries and inform customers in real-time on social media. By posting your incidents and outage updates on twitter build customer trust by being transparent about the status of your service in social media.

Automatic real-time incident notifications via your Twitter handle

Schedule Maintenances easily

With Freshstatus, schedule maintenances easily with just a click. You can choose to email your customers or tweet in real-time any update during an incident or scheduled maintenance. Pick a time for maintenance and schedule it. The status of the services and maintenance will be updated automatically in the status page. Customers can be reminded to keep them aware of the scheduled maintenance. With Freshstatus, maintenance need not be havoc.

Schedule Maintenances easily