Why choose Freshworks + Nicereply

The integration between Freshworks and Nicereply lets businesses effortlessly capture actionable feedback and help their customers see that they are listening and care about their experience. Thanks to this partnership, businesses can provide the best possible support experience to every single customer.  Some key benefits include:


Get deeper understanding of your customers

Don't stop at measuring Customer Satisfaction. Find out whether it's hard to be your customer with Customer Effort Score. See how loyal your customers are towards you and your products with Net Promoter Score.

Survey the right way

Benefit from multiple survey distribution methods. Need an example? You can measure Customer Satisfaction in the signature of every email you send, Customer Effort Score with a trigger after a ticket is closed and Net Promoter Score automatically 3 months after a purchase.

Choose what you want your customers to see

Personalize your survey, add additional questions or change the existing ones without any programming knowledge. Choose how detailed of an answer you want with different rating scales.

About Freshworks and Nicereply


Nicereply works closely with Freshworks to build powerful and seamless integrations with products such as Freshdesk, Freshsales and Freshservice. The main aim of our partnership is to build apps that allow businesses to gather actionable feedback, are easy to use, help them understand their customers, and take action to improve services based on customer inputs.


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Why use the integration


  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (CSAT): For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 others remain silent. Stop losing unhappy customers – let them express their feedback in a single click. Track CSAT for every ticket and take immediate action whenever your customer is dissatisfied.
  • CUSTOMER EFFORT SCORE (CES): 96% of customers who go through high-effort experiences do not come back for second purchase. Use CES to identify and improve these experiences from within Freshdesk.
  • NET PROMOTER SCORE (NPS): Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times their initial purchase value. NPS measures the loyalty of your customers and divides them to Promoters, Passives and Detractors. Use NPS to build a loyal customer base.
  • ALL-IN-ONE DASHBOARD: Get a quick overview of your team's performance with all-in-one dashboard featuring CSAT, CES and NPS ratings, trends and charts.
  • REAL-TIME FEEDBACK: Know what your customers think of you on your Freshdesk interface as soon as they fill in the survey. See all the ratings in your rating feed.
  • SEE WHO IS THE BEST: Recognize your best support teams and agents with leaderboards, based not only on average rating scores, but also on the number of collected ratings.

Watch the video below to see the mentioned features in action:


Geographies served

The integration between Nicereply and Freshworks is currently available to use with globally three products: Freshdesk, Freshsales and Freshservice.