Why we are taking to the skies over San Francisco in a blimp that says #Failsforce

This is Dreamforce week. Everyone in the tech industry knows what it is: Salesforce’s mega conference, one of the biggest meeting-of-the-minds events on the planet.

And the Bay Area is buzzing, with close to 200,000 folks in town for Dreamforce. That must give you an idea of the kind of behemoth Salesforce is. It is an amazing company, its story is one of great significance and is source of inspiration. We respect Salesforce a lot. That’s why we were unhappy when it started failing us; and when we say us, we mean the customer.

And here’s where the story of Failsforce begins.

In the last few years, on its way to becoming the leviathan it now is, it has let go of its roots—it has become unusable for SMBs.

When we started building Freshsales, our CRM product, we heard constant refrains that Salesforce was difficult to implement, cost customers more time and money than they thought it should, made them spend more money on consultants and customisations they invariably needed, and burnt a huge hole in their pockets.

Though the outcry was something we had been hearing for a long time, we were borne out by a report we commissioned from Forrester on Riding the next wave of SaaS CRM.

We were astonished when we saw the numbers: 69% of SMBs said they would replace their CRM solutions and 56% of them were already making plans to do so within two years. 

As the numbers from the Forrester report clearly show, small firms have had enough and are looking for a ‘fresh’ solution.

SMBs do not need the heavy and bloated software that is foisted upon them under the excuse of being enterprise-ready. 

This was why Freshsales was built—to make sure that SMBs had a CRM that was easy for them to use and was simple enough for them to customize for their use cases.

But that wasn’t enough.

We also wanted to let Salesforce know what SMBs thought. We wanted to come to San Francisco, to the glinting Salesforce Tower, and give a voice to the customer.

So we started a revolt against big, bloated software. In San Francisco. At Dreamforce.

And it’s creating quite a stir!


Our message is clear: It’s time for companies to move on from their bloated, difficult-to-use cloud CRM solutions to refreshingly-simple customer engagement cloud software.

Hence #Failsforce.

And that’s not all we are doing.


We have a pop-up space on Market Street complementing the blimp, where people who are interested can come in and talk to us. There’s coffee, food, and a whole lot of goodies, all on us. Do come by!



Freshworks - Hit Refresh

We also have yoga, spin, and pilates classes right next to the pop-up. They are free too, as are massages you can indulge in right after. You can schedule those here.


If you are a Salesforce partner in town for Dreamforce, and want to partner with the Freshworks suite of customer engagement products, you should come see us at Hotel Zelos. We would love to talk to you!

Meanwhile, you can catch all this action, and more, on Failsforce.com.

Freshworks - Hit Refresh

The Failsforce revolt