In April 2021, Freshworks conducted a post-COVID-19 consumer survey among more than 10,500 customers from 10 countries.
The survey discovered that COVID-19 has forever transformed businesses and consumers globally, changing the way we buy, how we interact with brands, and the expectations we have for our relationships with brands. Businesses adapted to the crisis by taking their offerings digital, and consumers largely followed, despite some hiccups along the way.

The survey unearthed how, over the past year, businesses and consumers struggled. But the relationship between the two improved, with businesses meeting consumers where they were, digitally. These new services, which improved customer experience across the board, will need to continue. Consumers will now expect businesses to be able to meet their needs both digitally and in person.

Businesses that haven’t already invested in digital transformation must invest now — or risk missing the next wave of opportunities. Consumers are eager to spend, and plan to do so with businesses that provide increased digital offerings and services. The enhanced digitization of business-consumer interactions is here to stay. This virtual consumer experience will be essential as businesses look to maintain and grow their consumer base.

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