How Session Replays Can Redefine Your Customer Support Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if every time a customer ran into an issue on your website or app, you could be right next to them and help walk them through their issue?

Of course, that’s impossible. You’d need an army of employees all around the world. But with session replay technology, the impossible has become slightly more possible.

You won’t be able to sit next to your customer and help them, but you can deliver the same type of customer support.

And when you can do that, it has the power to reshape your customer support for good. I want to show you how you can implement session replays to aid customer support efforts. You’ll learn everything you need to keep your customers satisfied no matter what their issue is.

To start things off, let’s take a look at what a session replay is and how to use it.

What is a Session Replay?

A session replay tool gives you the ability to record and watch a visitor’s actions on your website or web application. It’s typically shown from the user’s point of view and gives you insight on what happened during their visit.

Tools like Google Analytics may tell you the numbers, but replays are a direct line into your customer’s mind. You’ll be able to see where users clicked, where they moved their mouse, and how long they lingered on certain pages.

But is there really a need for session replays?

After all, Google Analytics and other quantitative-focused analytics sites can tell you how long customers stay on each page. It’s usually a good indication when someone stays longer on a page, right?

Not necessarily. Long page sessions from a quantitative analysis don’t tell you if your customer found what they came for. They could have spent all that time frustrated at your site. That’s why brands mostly use session replays as a qualitative analysis tool that aids conversion rate optimization, or CRO.

Studies have shown that replays are among the top ways to win and retain more customers

Chris Wallis, optimization executive at Mezzo Labs had this to share on the importance of replays for CRO:

“Any business running a conversion rate optimization (CRO) program without using session replay analytics is going to have a tough time. For the best results, a robust, data-driven CRO program should be coupled with behavioral analysis as closely as possible: the union of the two is critical and hugely underappreciated.”

So session replays aren’t something to simply be dismissed. They’re a proven tool that you can use to grow your business.

But do they have any place in your customer support efforts? Let’s answer that next.

How to Use Session Replays for Customer Support

Customer support is a diverse and sometimes tricky discipline, and the stakes are high.

One bad customer experience can lead a customer to share with 15 of their friends, which means you’ll have a harder time winning them as customers. If at all. So if a customer contacts you for help, it’s a signal that you’re teetering on the edge of one of these poor experiences. How you handle finding a solution will determine if they remain a customer or leave dissatisfied.

And there are certain frustrations that you’ll need to avoid, such as endless holds, repeated experiences with customer service reps, or not enabling your support staff to solve the issue.

Imagine a scenario where your customer has initially attempted to solve the issue on their own. They consulted your FAQs, looked to see if you have a support article for the issue, and even contacted other users on your forum to no avail.

They finally call your support team and engage in your traditional customer support system. You create a ticket, exchange emails, request screenshots so that you can understand what’s happening. The only thing is, this forces your customer to repeat the issue and confirm each step they’ve already taken. It’s time-consuming, and only further emphasizes that they have a problem. Only after your support rep has frustratingly walked them through everything they’ve already done, they finally begin to offer a different solution.

If you were this customer, how would you feel?

Probably pretty frustrated, and with good reason. Customers don’t want you to walk through their problems every time they get in touch.

They want quick answers.

And then there’s the matter of efficiency for your customer support reps. Walking through this process is time-consuming for them as well, which limits their ability to help more customers.

That’s where session replays have the ability to impact your customer service.

As I mentioned in the introduction, session replays allow you to “sit in” on a user’s session and see what they’ve already tried. With this information, you can skip the unnecessary back and forth that usually takes up so much time.

Instead, you can get straight to solving your customer’s problem.

That means you resolve your tickets faster, your customers feel less frustration, and you have real data to inform future platform improvements.

It’s a win-win-win.

So now that you know why session replay is such a vital aspect of your customer support strategy, let’s look at some replay tools that will help you improve.

Session Replay Tools to Know About

Freshmarketer is part of the Freshworks suite and allows you to capture session recordings that give insight into the customer journey. It is an ideal tool for marketing agencies or consultants who want to use the technology for their clients. Freshmarketer offers a lot pf  benefits to help streamline your user experience:

  • Activity Scores allow you to save time by finding the most important and insightful replays.
  • Highly specific targeting allows you to sort by traffic types, including Organic, Referral, Social, Mobile, Desktop, New, and Returning.
  • Bot detection weeds out the automated page visits and saves you even more time.
  • Our technology blurs out sensitive data like credit card and social security numbers.
  • APIs allow you to identify user sessions and track specific habits, which is great for customer service initiatives.

And when integrated with Freshdesk and Freshworks, you can utilize the session replays for more than just CRO.  You can turn it into a customer support goldmine with saved session recording that gives you all the benefits mentioned earlier.

You get the best of both worlds, and that’s what everyone should be after in our book.


You’re never going to be able to sit with every customer and help them through their issues, but session recordings allow you to do the next best thing. Not only are they great for conversion rate optimization, but they’re also a useful way to eliminate customer frustration and time waste. Simply start recording your users’ sessions, see what they’re doing, and then find a solution that works for everyone.

And there are a wide variety of tools out there that can help you record sessions, but not every tool is going to have what you need.  You know our pick though – we believe that Freshmarketer is the best solution for both CRO and customer support.

When your organization has the best of both worlds, you’ll be that much better off with every aspect of your business.