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Sentimental Jeff!
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Jeff cares deeply about support. Jeff is sentimental. Jeff tells you when your customer is happy :) or sad :(. Try Jeff.
Atlassian Jira Plus
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Link Freshdesk and JIRA accounts to associate JIRA issues with Freshdesk tickets.
Auto Start Timer
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Deliver prompt customer service with Auto- Start Timer App.
Signature Management App
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Signature management made easy on freshdesk. Simple to configure and use.
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Connect multiple stores, view order details, and even refund or cancel orders from Freshdesk. No more scrambling to find order details, and no more tab-switching to refund or cancel orders.
Zoom V2
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Zoom integration enables agents to schedule instant Zoom meetings with customers from Freshdesk ticket.
Translate Buddy
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The Translate Buddy App gives your agents the power to communicate in any language they would like, by getting quick translations from the Translate Buddy app widget on the Ticket Detail screen.
Kanban Board
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Lend a visual and intuitive look to Freshdesk to view ticket properties without opening a ticket.
Freshdesk for Slack
Connect your Freshdesk account to view, create and collaborate on tickets, right from Slack
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Power up Freshdesk to manage tasks on the visual board. Aids collaboration and flexibility.
SurveyMonkey Plus
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Gather customer feedback with ease by placing your SurveyMonkey surveys in your Freshdesk tickets.
NCR - Email Notification
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Send email notifications to the customer based on the ticket event
Wootric CSAT, NPS & CES Surveys
Automatically send customized surveys based on activity in Freshdesk.
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Merge duplicate tickets automatically. You can also customize what happens before and after merging
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Zadarma is a VOIP client for support and sales teams that helps agents increase their productivity.
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Empowers agents by enhancing each ticket in Freshdesk with rich account details from Freshsuccess.
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Simple integration between Freshdesk and Asana. Create, link,notify your Asana tasks.
Freshmarketer Marketing Automation
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A complete marketing automation suite, that powers customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.
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Slack (Legacy)
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Update your teams on Slack about the status of tickets in your helpdesk.
Google Calendar
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Book appointments, schedule meetings and calls on your Google calendar right from within Freshdesk
Google Analytics
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Harness the power of Google Analytics to understand what customers are looking for in your support portal, which solution articles get the most traffic and improve customer service
Atlassian JIRA
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Create and access Atlassian JIRA tickets from your Freshdesk account
Migrate from Zendesk App
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This tool helps you migrate all your support tickets, conversations and more from your Zendesk account to Freshdesk with ease
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Mailchimp app solves all your mailing and managing troubles by bringing them inside your Freshdesk account
TeamViewer V2
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Provide remote assistance to customers using TeamViewer app for Freshdesk.
Google Contacts
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Access and manage your requester information and contact details across all your Google accounts in your helpdesk
Attachment Manager
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Have complete control over all ticket attachments with this interactive attachments manager widget.
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Agent Time Tracker
Virtual Observer - WFO Agent Portal