Connect all your apps with Freshsales using PieSync’s Intelligent Syncing

A version of this blog was originally published on PieSync by Claudia Martinez.

For the past few years, PieSync has been working on building the perfect bridge between business cloud apps. Today we’re one step closer to our goal.

The average SMB runs 13 different applications. This may include a sales CRM, a marketing automation tool, a customer care tool and a billing software. Together, they form the “SaaS Stack” of a company.

The problem is that not all of these apps work together or communicate with each other, leading to undesirable data silos.

The challenge for any business is to break down these silos and unify customer contact data across all apps.

That’s where PieSync can help—it synchronizes customer contacts between more than 80 cloud apps, bidirectionally and in real time. Which means that whenever a customer’s contact information is added or modified in one app, the change is automatically reflected in the other. Users save hours of time on data entry and database maintenance operations.

In case of a conflict, the user can choose the app that’s more reliable. Since last year, with the Custom Fields and Customizable Fields update, PieSync also allows users to map more fields beyond the default fields (name, address, phone number, email, company, etc.)

Every business has its own individual structure and SaaS stack. With PieSync’s “Intelligent Syncing”, you can customize how these apps work together.

Intelligent Syncing works through an intuitive “if–this–then–that” conditional logic. Users can now synchronize contacts across apps and maintain their segmentation for marketing, communication, and support purposes.

By setting up “if–this–then–that” rules, the user can implement complex automatic workflows across different applications.

For instance, PieSync can help a sales CRM like Freshsales team up with email marketing tools and billing software:

  • Sync your customer segmentation in Freshsales with an email marketing tool, to create highly personalized email campaigns by industry, location, contact type, list, etc.

Freshsales with MailChimp

  • Tag customers within Freshsales, based on properties like deal value or deal activity from your billing software.

Freshsales with QuickBooks

To connect Freshsales with your favorite apps, integrate with PieSync today. Learn more here.