Freshsales is on Google Apps Marketplace now

Many of our customers’ accounts synced with Freshsales are Google domains showing that majority of our customers use G Suite to manage their business and win customer love. It’s now our turn to empower your G suite with Freshsales.

Why Freshsales – G suite integration?
  1. Onboard your entire sales team into Freshsales instantly. Your sales reps can now bypass the usual gates of account activation and other intermediate boring steps to sign in.

            As an admin, follow the steps below:

            ~Invite your users to Freshsales.

            ~Install Freshsales app listed in Google apps marketplace.

            ~And there you go, Freshsales pops up in every sales reps’ Google account.

2. You can have a secured authentication for your CRM, granting access only to your GSuite users.

   Try it, see how it works and let us know if you have any feedback for us.