4 e-Commerce Solutions to Integrate with Freshsales

With global B2C e-commerce sales touching $602 billion in 2019, it is evident how the e-commerce sector has grown. These businesses use multiple tools for website management, inventory management, accounting, etc. to achieve their business goals. Data from these tools exist in silos, and merging these silos can be time-consuming. Additionally, you may not have access to customer and order information in real-time. Say you need to retrieve the purchasing history of a particular customer. Extracting this information from your online store and manually entering it into your CRM can lead to errors.  

However, having a seamless integration between your CRM and e-commerce platform gives you access to historical information right within your CRM. You also have real-time status updates including shipping and tracking data, delivery location, and more for each order. This makes it easier to keep multiple systems in sync while ensuring you have a single version of the truth. 

The Freshsales Marketplace is your one-stop solution to all the powerful integrations you need to enhance your Freshsales experience and drive your business forward. In this marketplace spotlight blog post, we dive into the e-commerce apps in the Freshsales Marketplace.

Here’s a quick look at some of the more popular apps in the e-commerce section

1) Streamline your e-commerce store with Shopify-Freshsales integration

Track and respond to customer orders on your Shopify store directly from Freshsales with the Shopify integration. The integration utilizes the order management functionality of Shopify and adds it to the Freshsales platform. For every order placed on the store, a log of the order is created in Freshsales. So you can manage orders and related details for a particular customer including shipping details, billing information, order information, and more without switching between apps. 

Shopify-Freshsales integration

2) Manage orders better with Magento 2

Magento 2 for Freshsales provides access to information and helps you make better sales decisions. This integration shares existing orders from your stores in Magento 2 directly inside Freshsales. You can view the recent orders and order details for a lead/contact and keep a tab on how your business is progressing right from within Freshsales. Organize customer data in Magento into detailed customer profiles to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities. 

Magento-Freshsales integration

3) Go big with BigCommerce

Set up the BigCommerce-Freshsales integration to view customer data from your BigCommerce store in Freshsales as contacts with new or existing orders. Find a list of all the orders of the customers in your BigCommerce store along with order details like shipping address, items purchased, billing, discounts, and more.

BigCommerce-Freshsales integration

4) Organize customer data better with WooCommerce

Easily view your customers’ order history and associated information within your Freshsales platform. This integration utilizes the order database of your WooCommerce store and displays them on Freshsales. For each order, you can view details like order status, date, billing address, shipping address, product name, quantity and more. With this data, you can focus on targeting, retargeting and managing your sales better. 

WooCommerce-Freshsales integration

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Cover illustration by Ashna Liza Sunny.