Announcing the Freshsales-Zapier integration

It’s upgrade time! We’re excited to tell the world that the Freshsales-Zapier integration is now live! 

But first, a little context.

Apps have taken over our lives, especially at work.

Assigned a task? Keep track on Basecamp.

Sharing files on the cloud? Use Dropbox.

Messaging the team? Say hi on Slack.

Throw a sales CRM into the mix, and the plot thickens.

What if you could connect your CRM with the apps you use? That’s what our customers wanted Freshsales to do. Except that “apps they use” are lengthy, personalized lists.

For a while we wished we were Spidey, slinging web after web so we could sync Freshsales with every app out there.

Then we did the practical thing by joining forces with Zapier.

A quick intro if you haven’t known them: Zapier is a tool that connects your apps, letting you create automated workflows called “Zaps.” A Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions.

Let’s break this down. Think of “trigger” as a stimulus for your business—like a person filling out your web form. An “action” is your response to that stimulus, like making that person a new lead in Freshsales. Zapier is the magic element that gets your web form and Freshsales working with each other.

Talk about the classic stimulus-response model with an app-y twist 🙂

The cool thing about Zaps is they work both ways: every time you add a business contact to your Google account, you can get it to show up in Freshsales. And every time a contact is created in Freshsales, you can sync it up with Google.

By integrating Freshsales with Zapier, you benefit in at least 5 ways:

  1. You save time by automating mundane workflows
  2. You don’t have to write code for it
  3. You don’t depend on developers either
  4. You’re more connected to your apps
  5. You have time for productive, non-repetitive work

When it comes to creating Zaps, the possibilities are endless. But you need to start somewhere, so we figured we’ll get you started right away! We’ve created a bunch of sample Zaps based on our customers’ requests—here are four of our favorites:

(Quick reminder on how we distinguish lead and contact at Freshsales:

Lead: Any prospect who shows interest in your product.

Contact: Anyone who actively responds to your calls, emails or tries out your product.)

Create lead in Freshsales when form is submitted

If your website form is an important source of lead generation, you’re going to love this Zap. Whether you’re using Typeform, Google Forms, or Gravity Forms, this Zap will automatically create a lead in Freshsales when a person fills out your form.


Fun fact: This Zap can also update an existing lead’s information. When someone submits a form, the Zap will first scan Freshsales to check if they’re a lead. If yes, the Zap will look to update the lead’s information. If they’re not in your account, they’ll be recorded as a new lead.

Receive notification in Slack when lead is created in Freshsales

Stay connected with your sales CRM even when you’re away from it! When a lead is created in Freshsales, you may not be able to check your CRM immediately; you could be in a meeting. But you’ve got your phone, and if you’re on Slack, this Zap can give you an instant notification.


Tip: You can combine both the above Zaps to create your own Zap. Define one trigger with two actions: every time someone submits a form, a lead is created in Freshsales, and you receive a notification in Slack.

An example of fully automated, multiple-level collaborations through one seamless Zap!

Insert row in Google Sheets when contact is created in Freshsales

Keeping a list of contacts on a spreadsheet? Looking to maintain a common list across your sales CRM and spreadsheet, with the essential details? This Zap can save you a lot of time. Every time there’s a new contact in Freshsales, this Zap will automatically insert a row in Google Sheets to accommodate the contact’s first name, last name, contact details and any other information you want to bring in from Freshsales.


Create contact in Freshsales when meeting is set up through Calendly

Let’s say your contact has accepted the invite for your upcoming webinar. Calendly will only tell you the contact’s choice of time; they won’t find their way into your sales CRM. With this Zap, the contact is added to your Freshsales database, so you can continue your engagement even after the webinar.


Note: This also works for creating a lead.

And that’s a wrap! We’ve only discussed four of the innumerable ways you can get Freshsales to collaborate with your apps—do tell us how you’re using Freshsales with Zapier.

To start creating Zaps, our support article is here to help. If you have any questions, we’re up and waiting at

P.S. Right now Freshsales directly integrates with Segment, MailChimp, Google Calendar and Freshdesk. For all your other apps, start Zapping!

If you just discovered us, we’re pumped! Take Freshsales for a spin with a 21-day free sales CRM trial. The Freshsales-Zapier integration is available right from our Garden pricing plan.

Happy selling!

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