Introducing: Freshsales Marketplace – Single Platform for all your App Needs

Businesses are expanding rapidly around the world. Conventionally, sales teams depend on CRM as their single source of truth. As businesses evolve, their requirements expand beyond just CRM. A salesperson’s job goes beyond just phone calls and pipeline management. New tools to manage or support sales strategies have emerged in the market to cater to their specific business needs. But hunting around for these tools is time-consuming and a distraction from your main goal — selling. 

Introducing, Freshsales Marketplace — a single platform consolidating all the resources you need to bring your sales tasks into a single workflow seamlessly. Marketplace bridges the gap between your sales teams and app developers. Now, you don’t have to rummage through multiple sites to figure out which tool suits your sales needs.

Freshsales Marketplace

How Freshsales Marketplace can help improve your sales 

With around 100+ apps to browse through, Freshsales Marketplace is the one-stop solution for high-velocity sales teams. Here are some ways how our app platform can help accelerate your sales success.

1)  Boost your productivity

While CRM is the go-to tool for your sales teams, you may depend on other apps to support your sales processes. But juggling multiple tools is cumbersome and time-consuming. Upgrade your multi-app experience by integrating them with your Freshsales account. You can now access all data and perform all your tasks right from Freshsales, without switching to other apps.

2)  Better collaboration with your teams

Keeping all teams in the loop regarding the progress of your customers is essential. It enables a seamless workflow in the organization. Freshsales Marketplace has an assortment of collaboration and file sharing apps to facilitate better collaboration between teams.

3)  More options to choose from 

Marketplace provides a wide array of apps to choose from, all in a single unified platform. The multi-category platform integrates various channels that can assist your sales activities — messaging, lead generation, reporting, automation, user management, etc. Browse through our ever-expanding library and choose the best fit for your workflow.

4)  Hassle-free installation and use

All apps on the Marketplace are hosted by Freshsales. So you can install and start using the apps in moments. As your needs evolve, you can easily switch to another app to suit your requirements.

Handpicked sections 

Exploring, assessing and choosing apps that are apt for your business from our ever-growing app list can be a task. So we’ve added several sections with the most versatile apps, hand-picked by our Marketplace team. 

1) Featured Section
The Featured Apps are those that our Marketplace team is very excited about and trust can make a big impact on your business.

2) Collections Section
Need to find apps that are tailored to your specific vertical or to solve specific use cases? Collections features apps that are focused on addressing distinct needs like boosting productivity and lead generation.

Verified By Freshworks

Every app built on the Marketplace undergoes rigorous testing prior to being hosted on the platform. This is demarked with the Verified By Freshworks badge. You can be assured that an app has met our stringent requirements and are trustworthy.

Here are some ways you can harness the power of integrations to boost your productivity

1)  Improve your team collaboration with the Trello integration

Closing a deal takes the effort of various teams. Throughout the lifetime of a deal, there are multiple activities shared across these teams. Creating and managing all these activities manually would be time-consuming. 

Make collaboration and management easier by integrating the Trello app from the Freshsales Marketplace. When any deal is updated, a card is automatically created in Trello. You can specify rules to choose where the card has to be added and who it has to be assigned to.

2)  Manage your accounts and CRM in one pane with QuickBooks integration

If you manage a business, you rely on an accounting software to view and manage invoices, outstanding balances, payments, etc. This also gives you context about your lead and their buying history. With the QuickBooks integration from the Freshsales Marketplace, you can have all your accounting data synchronized under one interface. You can get notifications, search for invoices, and get receivable summaries right from inside Freshsales.

Quickbooks integration with Freshsales

Browse for apps at the Freshsales Marketplace now.

Want to join our app list?

If you wish to join our Marketplace as a partner, write to us and we’ll get in touch. Or visit our site to learn more about our partner program. 

Cover illustration by Roshan George Richard.