Understand your customer journey with Segment and Freshsales integration

Each day your sales team gets swamped with high volume of leads. Quite often, they can’t tell between an active and inactive lead so they end up wasting lot of time on the inactive ones. Instead, salespeople want to prioritize their effort and engage with active leads who have higher chance of converting. This is one of the many problems that our sales team was facing and one we wanted to solve when we set out to build a better CRM.

There are two parts to this problem – context and priority. You need to know what your visitors are doing on your website. What pages are they visiting and what actions are they performing? Segment integration with Freshsales allows you to do exactly that.

Once you add Lead Score to the mix, your sales team can start prioritizing leads with higher chance of conversion. Freshsales already supports Freshsales for web libraries in multiple languages to track events. But if you’re already using Segment, this integration comes in handy.

Getting started

Segment allows you to stream data and events to tools where it can be used appropriately. Freshsales provides a seamless integration with Segment on just a flip of a switch.

How to use it?

To know how you can use Segment integration for your business, let me walk you through how our sales team use it.

When a prospect visits Freshsales website, we track pages visited by them. We are interested to know if they are visiting our features, pricing and pricing comparison pages. If the prospect is interested in our product, they sign up for a trial and it is tracked as an event. Once they sign up, we automatically create a lead in Freshsales (Oh, yes. We eat our own dog food). This way we know who is the prospect, what pages they visit and what events they do.


Freshsales supports following API calls in Segment:

  • identify – Who is the prospect?
  • page – What is the page they are currently in?
  • track – What are they doing on the website?

Check out this user guide, if you need any help while integrating.

Use Lead Score to prioritize leads

Now that you have context, you can use that to prioritize leads by configuring lead score.

Leadscore rules

Now, create lead score rules to give more points to those who have visited important pages in recent weeks and have done some call to actions on your website. This way, you can push active leads to the top and inactive leads to the bottom.


Our sales team has completely switched gears to Freshsales and they love how leads can be prioritized using context. You can learn more on how customer data from Segment can be used to configure lead score and manage your deal pipeline from here.

Make life a lot easier for your sales team

You can filter out the active leads who were last seen in the past week with a high lead score (say, lead score between 60 to 99) and send them bulk email to engage better. Or, you send them an email about your newly shipped feature and a lot more to close deals faster.

That’s all folks. While we head out to build another integration, we’d love to hear how Segment integration worked for you.

Looking for an integration that your business really needs? We are actively building a number of integrations and will be rolling out one every few weeks. Please write to support@freshsales.io with the product that you would like us to integrate and how it can help your business. Let us build together!