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Why Freshsales is a better alternative to Outreach

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Freshsales vs. Outreach—A snapshot

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Note: Data as on August 2021


4 reasons why Freshsales is the best
alternative to Outreach

Sales sequences for smarter outreach

Sales prospecting is the one activity that eats up a majority of the sales rep’s time. By automating the outreach process, your sales reps have more time to do what they do best—selling. Both Freshsales and Outreach allow you to design sales cadences—email sequences, call reminders, and follow-up tasks—and execute campaigns. But, Freshsales is a step ahead as it allows you to send smart campaigns based on the recipient’s behavior.  For example, you can setup onboarding email campaigns based on the prospect’s actions on your product or service. Or, create a campaign to send automatic reminder emails to contacts every five days for subscription renewal. Of course, these are just a few of the many things you can do with Freshsales' sales sequences.

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One tool for all your sales teams

When it comes to choosing a sales management platform, versatility is key. Since each sales team follows a different set of sales processes, the tool should allow you to align the steps in each of the sales processes with the stages in your sales pipelines. With Freshsales, it’s easy to do this by creating multiple sales pipelines, each with a different set of deal stages. So your inside sales reps, AEs, and customer success teams can use one platform, and yet manage separate pipelines for their sales operations. While Outreach does have opportunities, it lacks the capability to create multiple pipelines for different teams.

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Transparent and affordable pricing

The pricing model for Outreach is volume-based. One fully-loaded seat starts at $140/month (billed annually), excluding premium support and any custom professional services. As for Freshsales, the cost of the CRM is fair and square with no hidden costs. You have four pricing plans to choose from, aside from a freemium CRM and a 21-day trial period. Each plan is configured with features to suit teams and businesses of varying sizes at affordable subscription costs. So, as your business scales, our plans scale with your needs.

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Cross collaboration with teams for improved productivity

For AEs, discussions with sales managers, finance, and legal teams over a deal are a part of their everyday activity. But cross-collaboration between teams can be quite challenging and time-consuming—finding time to meet the other person, discussing the project, sharing information, etc. With the Freshconnect integration with Freshsales, it’s easy to collaborate with anyone in your organization directly from the CRM. Simply @mention their username or email address from the deals page. Outreach lacks the capability to collaborate with other teams right from the platform.

How Freshsales stacks up against Outreach

Sales Force Automation

Both Freshsales and Outreach allow you to manage leads, contacts, accounts, and deals. But, Freshsales is a step ahead as it gives you the flexibility to customize your CRM as you expand your business across geographies, business sizes, or product lines by creating sales territories. You can create a systematic sales territory management plan to organize your team, auto-assign leads in a round-robin, assign phone numbers to territories, transfer calls to territories, limit territory access, and more. Freshsales also allows you to upload files from the computer or link files from Google Drive, Dropbox or any publicly available source, and share them with your team.

Outreach, on the other hand, has an option to auto-assign leads, but it lacks the functionality to upload and manage files.  

Manage leads, contacts, accounts, deals
Auto enrich profiles
Auto-assign leads
Create sales territories
Upload and manage files

Email Management

Both Freshsales and Outreach have a robust email management system. But, when it comes to feature capabilities, Outreach has limitations. Freshsales, on the other hand, has everything you need to seamlessly send emails from within the CRM. Whether it’s Gmail integration (or integration with other email clients like Outlook), 2-way email sync, team inbox, creating unlimited email templates, scheduling bulk emails, tracking email opens and clicks, real-time email alerts, creating sales campaigns—you name it, Freshsales has it.

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Schedule sales emails
Create behavior-based sales campaigns
View into emails awaiting a response
Track and schedule emails
Email integration via IMAP
Personalized email templates
View team inbox for sales emails

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management in Freshsales gives you a visual representation of the deals across stages. The CRM also allows you to create multiple sales pipelines, each with a different set of deal stages. So your inside sales reps, AEs, and customer success teams can use one platform for selling, and yet manage separate pipelines for their sales operations. Freshsales also has the flexibility to call and email prospects right from the pipeline view, and track tasks and appointments using color-coded icons.

Outreach allows you to manage deals, but it lacks the capability to create multiple sales pipelines for different teams.

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Visual sales pipeline
Create multiple sales pipelines

Contact Scoring

Freshsales' AI-based contact scoring allows you to categorize your contacts and leads into hot, warm, and cold. Assign scores by adding and subtracting points based on the lead’s interaction with your company—their behavior on your website, in-app, and email. Give your sales reps the means to focus their time and efforts to pursue the right leads using lead scoring in Freshsales.

Outreach lacks the functionality to score leads by property and behavior on your website, in-app and email.

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Score leads by property
Score leads by website, in-app, and email activities


While both Freshsales and Outreach have standard reports and dashboards, Freshsales gives you the flexibility to create custom reports by using data across all modules. The CRM not only gives you the flexibility to create reports based on sales activities—email, phone, tasks, and appointments—but also advanced reports like sales velocity reports, sales cycle reports, etc.

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Standard reports
Custom reports
Cross module reporting
Standard dashboard
Custom dashboard

Data as of August 2021


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