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Leads, contacts, accounts and deal management
Custom sales activities
Sales sequences
Cloud telephony
Predictive contact scoring
Website, in-app and lead tracking
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Disclaimer: Data as of  24th September, 2021

How Freshsales Suite stacks up against RD Station

Freshsales vs RD Station: Contact Management

The lead can only be identified by email address.  However, without email information, they cannot identify such users in RD station. With Freshsales Suite, you can capture leads directly from your website’s contact forms and mark the source as ‘Webform,’ ‘Web,’ ‘Landing Page,’ ‘Webinar’ etc., to demarcate the leads imported from the spreadsheet and the ones from your newly launched landing page.  You can also craft different nurture buckets and onboarding strategies using Sales Sequences by tracking leads that have signed up for gated content on your website.

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Manage leads, contacts, accounts and deals
Auto profile enrichment
Sales territory management
Auto lead assignment
Custom sales activities

Freshsales vs RD Station: Artificial Intelligence

RD Station does not come with AI capabilities. While Freshsales Suite is feature-rich and fully functional, you can sell faster and smarter with Freddy AI. It offers extensive capabilities to aid in revenue forecasting, improving sales productivity, sales velocity, and more. Features like Chatbot personalization, deduplication OOO Detection, calendar suggestions, next best actions, deal insights, and dynamic forecasting empower businesses in every step of their way towards a sale.


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Freddy AI
OOO Detection
Deal insights

Freshsales vs RD Station: Behavior Analytics

Freshsales Suite comes with a very robust reporting structure. ​​It allows you to create custom reports that fit your requirements. You can create custom reports from scratch or use our available curated reports to measure your campaigns' success. You can personalize your curated reports with your preferred metrics. 

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Custom reports
Basic reports

Freshsales vs RD Station: Integration

RD Station, in most cases, delivers a fragmented multi-product experience for sales and marketing teams and is often a challenge as they scale. There is a lack of integration with e-commerce apps for transactional emails such as payment slips, abandoned carts, and birthday emails. Freshsales Suite is a full-fledged solution that combines advanced sales and marketing automation and multi-channel communication to evade the hassles of integrating with other bolt-on software. With Pipeline Management 2.0, workflows, sales Sequences, and extensive customizations you can scale further. 

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API access

Freshsales vs RD Station: Mobile Application

RD Station does not offer a mobile application. Freshsales Suite offers a mobile app where you can manage contacts, deals, and accounts on the move and stay connected with your prospects and team. You can deliver exceptional customer experiences, send and receive emails, set up meetings, change deal stages from anywhere with the data at your fingertips, even while working offline.

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Mobile app
Set up meetings, manage deals, send emails on the go

Freshsales vs RD Station: Built-in Chat

RD Station does not have built-in live chat capabilities. Freshsales suite comes with built-in live chat functionalities to enable chat-driven lead capture with seamless CRM connect.

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Email support across all plans
Chat support across all plans
Phone support across all plans

Freshsales vs RD Station: Support

While both have good customer support, Freshsales Suite edges out by providing free 24/5 phone, email, and chat support across all plans.

Free 24/5 email, phone and chat support

                            Note: Data as of 24th September, 2021

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