How to Boost Collaboration with Teams in Freshsales

As a team, managers and salespeople collaborate regularly to stay updated on the team’s progress on various projects. These collaborations, like team meetings, analyzing and measuring team performance are limited to a group of sales reps who actively interact among themselves.

We’ve introduced Teams in Freshsales to help you collaborate and work closely on sales opportunities that require less work than before. Managers can add a group of users to a team to facilitate faster and easier sharing of reports, campaigns, tasks, appointments, and adding reps to territories. Speaking of territories, if you’re wondering how is Team different from Territories in Freshsales, from a user standpoint here’s how.

teams vs territories

Here are four ways Teams help you collaborate better:

1. Easily add teams to an appointment or task

Meetings are an unavoidable part of a salesperson’s day, be it customer meetings or team meetings, there is a certain mayhem attached to getting everyone to be at the same place at the same time. Besides, you have to make sure you don’t miss adding a team member to the meeting invite. This, however, gets difficult as the team grows in number.

Teams in Freshsales solves this for you. When creating an appointment or task, add the respective team to the invite and the team members are automatically populated.
This makes it easier for managers to get the entire team added to tasks like daily reviews or feature demos.

In the same way, add the team to tasks as collaborators. The task will then be assigned to each user in the team, and they’re instantly notified.

Add team to task

2. Create, share, and schedule reports based on teams

With work getting done, the next step is to measure it. Create reports for different teams and drill-down into the metrics. You can create multiple reports for each team and customize the filters accordingly.

Create report

You can also share and schedule reports to be delivered to teams. Note that sharing a report does not affect the access level of a user. What this means is, if a user has a “Restricted User” role and does not have the permissions to view reports, they will not be able to view the report even though they belong to the team.

schedule report

3. Share sales campaigns within teams

For most salespersons, email is the preferred choice of weapon. And when done right, the ROI is incomparable. Sales Campaigns in Freshsales empowers salespersons to send the right message at the right time. Each user in Freshsales can create and customize their own campaigns. But some campaigns are crafted to perform better than others. leveraged by the team. Share your successful sales campaigns with your team, which can be cloned and leveraged by your fellow salespersons to replicate its success.

share sales campaign

4. Filter records based on team

Identify and segment records(Lead, Contact, Account, and Deal) based on teams. This makes the filter option even more powerful, adding to the granularity of information based on which records can be segmented. You can select your team’s records to perform actions like send emails, add tags, or update fields. You can also reassign records or delete them.

Filter leads based on team

Power up your team in Freshsales

Closing a sale takes a village, and it’s possible only through collaboration. As a manager, you dabble in multiple projects. Through all the chaos, Freshsales will be your true north star. Create teams for each project and get everyone on the same page. Be part of multiple teams within Freshsales and know everything that’s happening across your teams.

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