6 Bulk Emails Hacks to Spend Way Less Time on Email

As a salesperson, you strive to find the best ways to engage with your prospects and contacts. Though there are a plethora of engagement channels to choose from, nothing beats the power of a well-drafted email. Customers are more receptive to emails than any other mode of communication. 80% of buyers prefer to be contacted by email

However, as your email list becomes longer, sending out one email at a time doesn’t quite cut it. Drafting and sending multiple emails is often a time and effort consuming task. Managing and keeping track of follow-ups becomes an even harder task. 

So how do you reach out to hundreds of potential customers in the least time possible? The answer is bulk emails. With bulk emails in Freshsales, you can reach a large audience with mass, customized emails in a single go.

Here’s how bulk emails make your marketing strategies easier

1) Cut out mundane tasks

Sending extensive, personalized bulk emails is an important marketing strategy in any business. But when your email list is long, it gets mundane to draft the same email to every customer. This is where bulk emails in Freshsales can help you. With this feature, you can eliminate monotony from your day and focus more on selling. 

Say you need to send a promotional email to fifteen leads/contacts. You can send bulk emails to the specific recipients by selecting the required leads/contacts by clicking the checkbox corresponding to the name. You can also filter leads based on specific criteria and send out bulk emails. 

bulk emails to leads

You can also send bulk emails to deal-related contacts. By selecting the deals from the list view, you can send bulk emails to all the contacts associated with that deal. Say you need to send an email to all contacts related to rotten deals. You can filter out all rotten deals and send bulk emails to all contacts associated with those deals. 

bulk emails to contacts related to deals

2) Deliver a personal touch with email templates

Email templates are a quick and easy way to free yourself from the tedium of drafting emails.  They help you manage your time better, reduce the liability of errors in your emails, and optimize your bulk email experience through personalization. Personalized emails get 14% more click-through rates.

Draft and save templates that you often send and eliminate the trouble of redrafting them every time. You can personalize your emails further using placeholders. Select the leads/contacts, choose bulk email action from the bulk actions tray, and choose the required template from the drop-down list. 

email templates in bulk emails

3) Customize your bulk emails

You can also customize your bulk emails to specific recipients. Say you want to offer a discount to a few recipients in your email list. This is where bulk email customization can help you. You can click the CUSTOMIZE button in the compose window, choose the specific recipients, and make the necessary changes. 

You can make all the edits you need right from the compose window without altering the email template itself. These changes will not be reflected in the original template. You can view a tag next to the names of the recipients whose emails you customize.

customization in bulk emails

4) Insightful bulk email metrics 

Your next task is to measure the performance of your bulk emails. Bulk email metrics are a game-changer when planning your outreach campaigns. They give an insight into the efficiency of the emails that you send.  

You can view the bulk email metrics on the Conversations module. You can view how many recipients opened, clicked, and replied, and plan your future emails with better context. You can further drill down into each metric to see the specific leads or contacts. You can also perform actions on these leads or contacts like assigning them to agents, sending out bulk SMS or updating fields. 

bulk email metrics

5) Schedule and track bulk emails

When your customers are spread across the globe, you need to ensure that emails reach them at a time that is convenient for them. This enables better customer engagement. Schedule your bulk emails right from the compose window and ensure the right emails are sent at the right time. You can specify the date and time or select a time zone of your choice. 

Track your bulk emails to know if emails were opened, clicked, and when they were read and how often. With tracking, you can get real-time email notifications when your recipients interact with your email messages. 

Ensure compliance with email regulations and include a single opt-out option in your bulk emails by adding an Unsubscribe link. 

schedule bulk emails

6) Set limits on bulk emails 

Admins can define email limits for users by creating custom roles and assigning respective users with the role. Admins can also restrain a user from sending emails from Freshsales by unchecking the checkbox under Email permissions. 

limits on bulk emails

Having a long client list is a matter of pride for any business. But managing such a list can be a challenge. Improve your email management with bulk emails in Freshsales. Visit our support article to learn more. 

Cover illustration by Ashna Liza Sunny