Sales and Service go hand in hand

Great news for Freshservice users! You can view and create incidents, add ticket notes, and keep your records updated on both Freshservice and Freshsales.

How to Integrate

Click here to know how you can integrate Freshsales with Freshservice.

The Freshsales – Freshservice integration is available on all plans.

View deals and tickets – Right from your CRM

You can now view all the tickets raised by a contact from the contact’s details page in Freshsales and also add notes on top of it. You can notify the agent who is handling the ticket, and keep them apprised of recent developments.

In addition, you can choose to keep the note visible to or hidden from the customer. This way, you get a 360-degree view of your contacts: where you learn about the issues they encounter and fix them, or route them to the right team.

Add notes on Freshservice TicketCreate tickets from Freshsales

Create requests on behalf of the customer from the CRM. The newly created ticket is reflected in both the products – Freshsales and Freshservice. You can specify all the details of the ticket such as priority, status, category, and more. This way you can ensure that the relationship with your customer does not stop with making a sale, but goes beyond by helping them resolve incidents post-purchase.

Create Freshservice ticket from Freshsales

Keep your records updated

Freshsales allows unidirectional sync from Freshservice. You can map Freshsales contact and account fields with Freshservice requester and department fields respectively. A ticket raised by a contact – James – would immediately reflect in Freshsales as well. This reduces ambiguity, especially when a lot of teams work together and multiple versions of the truth would prove to be catastrophic. 

While your service agent may record the job title for a contact as “Sales agent” in Freshservice, the same contact in Freshsales could be listed as “Sales manager”. During sync, existing info is not overwritten. Instead, only blank fields are updated accordingly.  For instance, if a phone number exists in Freshservice and not in Freshsales, the relevant phone field is auto-populated, and sales agents don’t have to chase down phone numbers.

Freshsales - Freshservice field mapping

Note: You need to install the “Freshsales Contacts Sync” app on the Freshservice account to enable this functionality.

Working as a team just got easier

You can assign a ticket not only to the respective team or department, but all the way to the agent who can handle the ticket. Be it a software, network, or database issue raised by the contact, get it covered from the CRM.

Group and Agent assignment in ticket from Freshsales

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