New Features: Activity Reports, Files, Notifications and More …

Since our launch, we’ve had a phenomenal response to the product. Thanks to our incredibly passionate customers for their constant feedback and suggestions.

I’m highlighting few big features we’ve added in the recent weeks.

New Activity Reports

We’ve just updated the reports with a new set of sales activity reports to help managers better understand how their sales team is performing.

You get a complete overview of sales activities including calls, emails, tasks and appointments. You’ll find these new reports right below the deal reports in the product. Both a sales rep and a manager can view these reports.

Freshsales Files

Sales proposals, price quotes, invoices, etc., are some of the documents managed by sales reps everyday.

We just added another new feature – Freshsales Files to all paid plans with native storage so that you can keep all your deal related documents in one place. You can also use Links, to upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox or any sharing services.

In-app Notifications

With Freshsales Notifications, you can now receive instant alerts, the moment your prospects open, click or reply to your emails.

Restricted user role

With restricted user role, you can now restrict your sales rep from deleting records and changing the Owner of a record.


Account CSV Import

You can now import your accounts by using a CSV file.

The import will let you map your CSV columns with the corresponding Freshsales account fields..To access this new feature simply click on the “Import accounts” button from the Accounts tab or Admin settings.

Try these new features in Freshsales, see how it works and let us know if you have any feedback for us.

Happy selling !