Sales CRM for Startups: How an AI-based deep learning startup used Freshsales to achieve 10x sales pipeline visibility, gain traction and drive business growth

HyperVerge Inc. is a Silicon Valley based startup founded by students from IIT Madras (India) with 8 patents filed in proprietary deep learning technology. The small business is growing rapidly and Freshsales Sales CRM is helping the team stay in control of increasing leads and deals. In the last six months, they’ve optimized and streamlined their sales opportunities effecting an increase in emails and productivity.

HyperVerge— deep learning experts

HyperVerge Inc.— a Silicon Valley based startup co-founded by five young 22-year olds in India— uses deep-learning technology to analyze digital representations of images, faces, objects, infrastructure, documents etc. The company undertakes challenging projects across domains where their deep-learning solutions give clients an edge in terms of capability, quality, speed and profitability.

Kedar Kulkarni

Kedar shares his experience and results with Freshsales so far, and how the team at HyperVerge Inc. benefits from it for their day-to-day activities.

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Their first Sales CRM— Freshsales

Kedar and his team at HyperVerge found the need for a startup CRM essential when they realized that neither Evernote nor Trello were satisfactory to manage their B2B sales.

We agree.

As a company that involves more than one team handling business deals, they learnt a CRM is the only tool to collaborate multiple aspects of their sales process.

In the startup CRM selection, they found Freshsales a better alternative to Pipedrive:

When we evaluated Pipedrive and Freshsales— in terms of every feature we required—email, integrations, deal pipeline and price, Freshsales beat Pipedrive in every area.

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How this startup used Freshsales

HyperVerge’s business is primarily from B2B outbound sales. With offices in Palo Alto (USA), Bangalore and Chennai (India)— it targets leaders in various sectors such as satellite and drone imagery partners, security processes, banking and financial services, etc. requiring deep learning solutions.

Target companies are added in Freshsales as leads. After first contact/meeting, opportunities are identified and new deals created.

Kedar enjoys being able to customize deal stages in Freshsales according to business needs because each stage in the deal pipeline requires attention from separate teams— product marketing, pre-sales and sales. The pipeline view adds visibility on deals between teams and makes it a whole lot simpler.

Deal pipeline gives us a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with each deal. The stages in the pipeline makes it apparent on which teams are currently focussed on pushing deals to close.

Emails getting automatically linked to deals has allowed sharing business correspondence within members, and keep them in the know. Plus, the email tracking feature helps with follow-ups based on opens and clicks.

We’re able to track user-behaviour when a lead has opened an email or clicked on a link. Also, being notified right-away in an event helps improve timely follow-up by scheduling task reminders.

Depending on the sector, a typical sales cycle at HyperVerge ranges from 3-5 months.  So, scheduling and keeping up with tasks is crucial to closing deals.

Creating tasks for deals that require attention within the pipeline view makes it easier to coordinate team-based activities.

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What they like best about Freshsales  

The team at HyperVerge shared their experience with Freshsales much earlier than we talked to Kedar for this customer story.

Drawing excerpts from their G2 crowd review, these are their most loved Freshsales features that they also resonate with today.

2-way Email sync and tracking

Tracking coupled with 2-way email sync makes this a one-stop solution for HyperVerge’s business conversations.

Lead scoring

Scoring based on interaction helps them assess which lead may convert, and take actions accordingly.

Tasks and activities

Schedule tasks easily from deal pipeline.


Speedy resolution to all their queries.

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Freshsales, the sales CRM for startups

As a growing startup, HyperVerge is amassing deals by the day. Implementing a sales CRM like Freshsales in their everyday sales activities makes things much easier and faster for the team.

With email integration and tracking capabilities, their email outreach has doubled, plus a faster turnaround time benefitted from real-time email notifications.

The pipeline view adds 10x more visibility and clarity on deals. By being able to perform multiple actions—call, email, schedule tasks— within the pipeline, they’ve increased sales activities by 50%.

Kedar and his team consider Freshsales as an another important member of HyperVerge, and without whom he says, “they’d be lost.

Freshsales eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple tools to drive startup traction and growth. It binds us together, and helps us run an organized, effective sales team. We highly recommend Freshsales to any startup searching for a Sales CRM.