Introducing — Home Page in Freshsales

As a salesperson, your most crucial task of the day is to close deals. Depending on your sales process, you design follow up strategies to establish a connection with your leads such as scheduling follow-up calls, meetings, reminders and more. Whatever might be your style, every step, and interaction counts towards winning a customer. 

To help you stay on top of your activities we’ve introduced a brand new home page for the desktop and mobile app. Everything you need to know for the day— tasks, meetings, other sales activities—you’ll find them right here.

Here’s what we have in store for you

1) Desktop home page

Freshsales desktop version now has a new home page, called the Activities dashboard. This dashboard is your one-stop view of all your completed and upcoming appointments, activities, and tasks, sorted in the order of their due dates. 

Desktop homepage on Freshsales

Update activities: You can perform various actions on existing activities like adding an outcome, snoozing/rescheduling, emailing the lead/contact or deleting an activity. You can also add new tasks, appointments or custom sales activities right from the home page. 

Do more with bulk actions: You can also perform bulk operations like mark multiple tasks complete, add outcomes or delete various activities in one go. 

Bulk actions on activities

Organize your activities with filters: Filters are the best way to keep your data in order. When you have a long list of activities, finding those of higher priority becomes a hassle. Refine your list of activities by filtering based on the date, overdue tasks completed activities and activity type. 

filters on Freshsales desktop homepage

2) Mobile home screen

The Freshsales mobile app now shows a home screen that consolidates all critical information you need to kickstart your day. You can view notification cards, calendar updates, overdue tasks and more to help you streamline your daily tasks.  

Never miss a step with notifications: The notification cards display your upcoming tasks and appointments. You can act on these notifications right from the home screen. You can also configure settings to display notifications only for specific tasks. 

Notifications on mobile app homescreen

Create records: You can create a new lead, contact, account, deal or task right from the home screen without navigating to the specific modules. 

Create a record on mobile home screen

Stay updated with the weekly calendar: The scrollable calendar displays all the tasks and appointments scheduled for that week. You can also view activities for a specific day. 

Scrollable calendar on mobile homescreen

Manage assigned tasks: You can view all your overdue, upcoming and completed tasks right from the home screen. You can also filter tasks based on the type and add outcomes to them. 

tasks on mobile homescreen

Get a holistic view with key metrics: You can view details on open deals, new leads and contacts, recent leads and contacts and more from the Key Metrics section on the home screen. You can also drill deep into each metric to view the respective record lists. 

key metrics


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