Introducing new Filters and Views panes

Filters and Views are the best ways to organize your data in Freshsales. As mentioned in our previous update, we are adding more enhancements to our most used feature, Filters. We are refurbishing Views and Filters to make them easier to use and flexible to manage. Here’s an overview of this release:

  • Show or hide your Filters pane
  • New filtering operators
  • Add more columns via column customization
  • Introducing Views pane
  • Search within your saved views

Filters pane

  1. You can now flip your Filters pane. Hide Filters pane to have a better view of the data table.

  2. Add more columns to your list view. With the Filter pane now disappearing into a button, use the extra space to add up to 5 columns under Column customization.
  3. We’ve added advanced filtering options. Filters now have options to specify operators and values.
    • You can now filter out leads without a Territory, Source or Owner
    • You can filter out leads whose signup date has any value but is not empty
    • We support all these filtering options through API as well.
  4. We got a lot of customer requests to have a quick real-time filtering of leads as and when they select a filter. On the other side, for customers working with 7-8 applied filters, refreshing it each time becomes annoying. Now your filter works instantly rather than waiting for you to click Apply. But the overlying Filters pane stays active for power users to add multiple filters at one go.
  5. We made a few UI tweaks to the Filters pane for a better experience, like
    • Removing an applied filter field
    • Getting the gist of applied filters and resetting all applied filters at one go
    • Accessing bulk actions even when the user scrolls to the end

Introducing Views pane

Today we have customers who have created more than 50 views to prioritize their leads. With the rapid increase in the number of views, it’s a pain to have them under a simple dropdown. We now have a Views pane which can be shown or hidden on toggle.

    • Recent views – Freshsales also remembers your recent views, so you can switch views faster.
    • Search views – You can now search from the list of your saved views and views shared by your team.

P.S. We are adding more enhancements, like sorting by any field, and adding more columns with horizontal scroll.

Knowledge base – Filters and Operators, Custom views
Applicable to all plans in Freshsales

Looking forward to your feedback. Happy selling!