Product update: Our reports list page just received a facelift!

We’re excited to kick off 2018 with a really cool upgrade in Freshsales reports—the list page has been completely redesigned! We’ve made it much easier to use; you can now quickly access your daily reports and find other important reports in no time. This is what our new list page looks like:

Why did we redesign this page?

Our reports have been completely customizable from day one—you can apply literally any filter and visualize your data in a variety of dimensions. This has enabled our customers to create specific reports for each and every sales insight they could think of. As a result, each user’s report list has become too large to manage, and we thought it was high time we solved this problem and allow our customers to continue using sales reports seamlessly. Our new UI is designed to achieve two goals:

  • Provide quick access for daily reports, and
  • Easily locate other less-used reports whenever needed


What’s changed with this new design?

If you’re thinking that this update is purely aesthetic, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. We’ve put in a lot of thought and designed this update to include a bunch of new functional changes:

  • Frequently viewed reports: You probably have a set of sales reports that you look at very often, like your lead gen reports and your sales progress reports. You no longer need to search for these everyday reports; our new algorithm automatically lists these on top for quick access!
  • Filters: You can now separate your own reports from those shared by your team. – This will help you locate a specific report that you might be searching for.
  • Sorting: You can now sort your report list by created date, modified date and report owner, to help you further narrow down your search for a particular report.


Do try out the new UI and leave your feedback in the comments below! And watch this space for other upcoming updates in our reporting module.


Applicable plans: This feature is available in the Garden, Estate and Forest pricing plans.

Happy Selling!