Updates – Adding an Unsubscribe Link, Recording Welcome and Voicemail Messages

Freshsales has just been updated with a couple of long-awaited features!

Add an Unsubscribe link to your bulk emails

We understand that many of our email users need to provide a way to opt out of their emails. Asking your prospects to reply with an opt-out message, and managing this process manually can be quite tedious, so we’ve automated it for you – Freshsales now allows you to add an Unsubscribe link while sending out bulk emails to your prospects!

You simply have to check “Add an Unsubscribe Link” – and when a lead clicks it, they automatically get marked as Do Not Disturb in Freshsales. Next time you send out a bulk email, if you select this lead by mistake, the lead’s email address automatically gets excluded from the mailing list. Leave it to Freshsales to ensure that you don’t hurt your reputation by accidentally emailing someone who doesn’t want to be emailed!

Read this article to know more about this feature.

Record your Welcome and Voicemail messages

Freshsales now gives you more options for configuring welcome and voicemail messages for each phone number! You can do any of the following:

  1. Record a message
  2. Upload a pre-recorded audio file
  3. Text-to-speech

Give your customers an even more personalised touch and let us know your feedback in the comments section!

Happy Selling!