Feature Update: Deal Closed Date and Export Data

Deal Closed Date

We have recently received many requests from sales managers to make the Deal Closed Date field editable. We understand that the end of every month is a busy time for all sales reps and sometimes things get missed out, especially for those in field sales. The wait is over – Freshsales now gives you the flexibility to edit the Deal Closed Date!


Export Data
We have improved our Export Data feature to provide you more exhaustive data in lesser time.

  1. Exhaustive data – we export all your data now including all activities. We also export the data in a more organised format giving you more readability of your data.
  2. Lesser time – we have reduced the export time from approx 24 hrs to less than 30 minutes, thus giving more power to you!

To export your data, go to Freshsales->Admin Settings->Accounts and click Export Data button.


Happy Selling!