Freshsales just got a LOT simpler for your B2C business

Every business has unique needs, so they look for a CRM that responds accordingly. The ideal solution would be the flexibility to customize the CRM, which is why we continually strive to improve your Freshsales experience by adding more customizations.

We’ve released two such updates for you to get the most out of Freshsales for your business.

Adding company information is now optional

You can choose to exclude the Company name field in Lead entity and Account Name field in Deal entity. The benefit of this is two-fold:

Adding a Lead or Deal is an everyday activity for sales agents. Having the flexibility to make the two fields optional—if non-essential to your business—makes creating a new Lead or Deal quicker and easier for your agents.

Freshsales is an effective tool for B2C businesses, with features like event tracking, real-time reporting and multiple integrations. This customization will give more flexibility to B2C users, such as an e-commerce or a gym company, where company information is irrelevant to customers.

If your business mandates company information, you can still do so using the Required field feature.

Deal to Contact association is more flexible

You can now associate a Deal with Contacts belonging to multiple Accounts.

Let’s assume you’re a real estate company. When you’re building/selling a property, there are multiple stakeholders involved, like suppliers, contractors, brokers and owners. Now, you can create a single deal that brings together all these diverse contacts. You’ll be able to collaborate better, and manage the deal more efficiently.

A similar use case would be when a reseller and a client are involved in a single deal. So now you can have contacts from the channel team, the resellers, and your client organized into the same deal.



Customize Freshsales as per your business needs, and let us know your feedback in the Comments section!

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Knowledge Base: Is Company name optional?, How to add related contacts to a deal?

Happy Selling!