What’s New: Intelligent Lead Scoring, Column Customization, Deal Landing Page and more

The start of October brings along some more interesting new features and product enhancements. Before we deep dive into them, here’s some good news: you can now use your existing Twilio account to make and receive calls in Freshsales. All you’ve to do is write to us at support@freshsales.io and we’ll take it from there.

Sounds awesome? Wait until you read on to find what’s in store in this weeks update.

Lead Scoring, made more smart and intelligent

In our previous blog, we had mentioned about enhancing our Lead Scoring model to make it more intelligent and easy-to-use. Today, we’re happy to announce Intelligent Lead Scoring — predefined scores to certain common actions such as email opens and link clicks, pageviews, deal creation and many more.

Apart from the lead score rules configured by you, these smart scores work in the background so it doesn’t tamper with your existing lead score setup.

There will, of course, be a lot more enhancements on our Lead Scoring. Stay tuned!

Customize list views to display columns of your choice 

Based on their role, every salesperson would want to view different fields in the list view column. For instance, a market research executive would want to view the no. of contacts attempted before reaching out to the prospect again, or an account executive would want to view the trial expiry date in order to quickly connect with them at the right time.


Freshsales lets you customize the fields (any type of standard and custom fields) you want to display in the lead, contact, account and deal list view column. This feature is available in all Freshsales paid plans.

Track activities like tasks and appointments for deals 


You don’t have to switch between modules to get context about a deal anymore. With the deals landing page, you’ve everything you need to track deals to closure. Visually see the progress of the deal, change stages in a click, view the related contacts, and quickly send emails or make a phone call to them. What’s more, you can even add notes, create tasks and schedule appointments specific to each deal.

Perform bulk actions at one go  


You no longer have to restrict yourself to perform bulk actions in batches of 25. You can now select all the records (leads, contacts, accounts, deals) in a view, and send emails, update a field, assign a sales rep and delete records. Get more done, quickly and easily!

And that’s a wrap of this product update. Do try out these features and let us know what you think. And as always, if you’ve requests for features you want to see in Freshsales, let’s talk (how about beginning with a comment below ;))

Happy Selling!

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