Introducing enhanced notifications for web and email

In the past, in order to get some context on Freshsales notifications you had to be redirected to the appropriate screens. Now, with the improved notifications, we provide you more context in a glance with no effort. Just click on the bell and preview what’s done, on what, by whom and when.

We have also extended the type of notifications. In addition to Email (opened, clicked, replied) notifications, you can now get notifications on

  • record assignment – when a lead, contact, deal and account is assigned to you (aggregated notifications).
  • task and appointment – when a new task is assigned to you, when a new appointment is scheduled for you, and a reminder before they’re due.

Plus we added the capability to personalize settings so you can take control of your notifications. Learn how to here.

Enhanced emails for tasks and appointments

Now, when you receive email notifications for tasks and appointments you get details on date, day, time, attendees, description (if any), and related to which is now a clickable field. Click this link to go to their record in your Freshsales account so you can directly view their page for additional information without having to manually look them up.

Appointment email notification
Task email notification
Applicable Freshsales CRM plans: Blossom, Garden, Estate and Forest plans.
Knowledge base: Learn how to personalize your notifications, create a task, and create an appointment.

Stay informed and be efficient with your sales notifications. We hope you enjoy this update and do tailor it to your preference.

Happy selling!