Introducing Multi-select Field!

Lately, we have been adding multiple customization options for you to set up Freshsales as per your business process. Adding to this list, we have one more important customization update.

We’re excited to launch Multi-select field. With this feature update, you’ll be able to organize your records in the sales CRM even better. Both Dropdown and Multi-select fields can be used when you have a set of information to be stored in a record. Multi-select is perfect for scenarios such as:

Supporting multi-product businesses

With Multi-select field, you can easily manage businesses for multiple products. Just create a Multi-select field called “Evaluating Products” and add your products as choices. Select multiple products when your prospect is looking for more than one product.

Capturing competitors’ information

It’s always good to know which competitor products your prospect is evaluating. Capture multiple competitor products in a single field and understand your competition better.

Gathering customer requirements and feedback better

Customer requirements and feedback are never restricted to a single piece of information. Now, you can easily capture multiple requirements in a single field using Multi-select.

Categorizing your data better

There are companies that might fall under multiple categories across fields like Affiliated Industries, Business Type and Regions. For instance, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres belongs to both the tyre industry and the airline Industry. Multi-select field will allow you to categorize your data more accurately.

Filter records: We support Multi-select field in Filtering. You can filter records and create views based on these Multi-select fields.

Import records: We also support Multi-select field in CSV imports. This will allow you to easily migrate data from your old sales CRM to Freshsales.

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Applicable plans: This feature is available  from Blossom Pricing Plan.
Knowledge base: How to add a custom field?, What are Custom field Limits?, How to import data using CSV import

Happy Selling!