Product Updates: Real-time filters, scheduling replies

There is a handful of daily chores which sales reps do on a regular basis. Our goal is to help sales reps do them quickly and more effectively. A lot of these chores revolve around filters, one of the frequently used features among our customers. So we picked some of the perennial requirements from Filters to optimize our list views.

Real-time filtering of Leads and Contacts

We got a lot of customer requests to have a quick real-time filtering of leads as and when they select a filter. For customers working with 7-8 applied filters, adding one more filter makes it even more tedious when they have to scroll up to trigger Apply. Now your filter works instantly rather than waiting for you to click Apply.

Filter enhancements for better experience

  1. The ability to save views is a handy feature to have in your Filters pane. You can now review your applied filters and save them as a custom view at one go.
  2. Discarding all changes you made to your view is just a click away. Reset all applied filters to revert back to your saved view from the Filters pane.
  3. Know applied filters at a glance. Only applied filters are now open on your Filters pane, so that you can have a clear view of the filter rules applied in the current view.

Scheduling reply emails

For those who have a lot of leads from different parts of the world, we’ve made it easier for you to get in touch with them at just the right time! Apart from scheduling new emails, you can now also schedule replies or forwards within an existing thread as well. You can now achieve higher open and reply rates by making sure that all your emails reach your customers at the best time!

Moving forward

We are building on these improvements with more stats, information and features that are useful to you. A sneak peek into a couple of upcoming enhancements:

  • Custom Views with search
  • The ability to hide Filters pane, letting you view more columns in the list view
  • More filter operators  like contains, is empty, has any value, etc..

We would love to hear more feedback from you.

Happy Selling!