Track the performance of your bulk emails with our new metrics page!

We’ve just released a new feature for all our customers with email-heavy sales processes! Now, when you send a bulk email to a list of leads, you can track the performance of that email in our new metrics page.

Let’s say you’ve just received a list of 100 leads for your business, and you want to see how many of them might be interested in your product or service. You can send out a bulk email to these leads from Freshsales, and then progressively track them over the next week to see how many of these leads open and reply to your emails.

You can also use this screen to check the number of emails that bounce, and unqualify these prospects proactively so that you don’t waste time emailing junk leads.

If you’ve added an unsubscribe link to your bulk email, this page will also tell you how many people chose to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

If you look at the screenshot below, it looks like the first bulk email sharing help articles with the customers has had very few replies and a lot of unsubscribes. But the second email offering a product demo seems to have performed better with a lot of clicks and replies! Maybe next time, the salesperson could start off with a product demo email, to get customers engaged sooner.

Freshsales offers valuable insights that will help you focus on selling smartly with data-driven decisions rather than guesswork! Do leave comments to let us know how this feature helps you refine your sales emails for the better!


Applicable plans: This feature is available from the Blossom pricing plan.

Knowledge base: How to measure metrics for bulk emails?


Happy Selling!