Product Update: Transfer phone calls to your colleagues within Freshsales!

In many companies, a good amount of collaboration and teamwork goes into making a sale. It’s a common scenario for a sales rep to set the context on a sales call and then hand over the prospect to a product expert for in-depth assistance.

The Freshsales phone channel has just been upgraded to make this handover much easier—the much-awaited Call Transfer capability is now live!

When sales reps need to connect a prospect with another colleague, they just need to hit the Transfer button in the dialer. The dialer will display the list of users who are online at the moment. They can select the appropriate user, and the call will get transferred accordingly.

In other scenarios, where you are not sure which user to transfer to, you can also transfer to a territory as a whole. For instance, if you are a rep for California and you realise that the prospect on the call is from Arizona, you can just select Arizona from the transfer list. The call will then ring for all online users in that territory, and anybody can pick it up and connect with the prospect.

Please try out this feature and let us know your feedback in the comments!

Applicable plans: This feature is available from the Blossom Pricing Plan.


Happy Selling!