Updates: Be more productive with these cool new features!

February was a good month for Freshsales! We released a couple of large features like Advanced sales reports and Web forms and also a whole bunch of small but powerful productivity features.


Search for reports from anywhere

You can now find your favourite reports more easily. Just type in the name of the report in the search box, and select the one you’re looking for.


Scheduling reports to external email addresses

You can now schedule a sales report to be sent to your CEO or VP of sales, even if they are not a user in your Freshsales account. Just type in their email address and save the schedule, and the report will be mailed to them as an attachment as per the schedule.


Access to reports & dashboards can be changed for each user

Sales managers can now decide which team members need access to reports and dashboards by giving or restricting permissions while creating a user in Freshsales.


Automate workflow actions when a record property is changed

Freshsales now allows you to automate actions using workflows whenever there is any change in the value of a property. So now you can alert the sales rep whenever owner field of lead is changed to him/her. Or, you can alert the manager when there is a change in deal value.


Cascade delete related contacts and deals while deleting account

You can choose to delete related contacts and deals with the account you want to delete. If you want to retain the related contacts and deals, only the relationship with the account will be lost.


Capture outcomes for your tasks, appointments and call logs

Outcome is probably the most important information that you’d want to capture after any activity. We already had the support for capturing outcomes in custom sales activities and now we have extended this to default sales activities- Tasks, Appointments and Call logs.

Once you customise the type of tasks and outcomes of tasks, appointments and call logs under admin setting, your team can add outcomes with every activity they log. These fields are supported in reports, so you will also be able to see the performance trend of your team.


Do keep writing to us with your feature requests so that we can make Freshsales the perfect sales CRM for your team!

Happy Selling!