What’s New: Team Inbox, Data import from other CRMs, and more

This product update is going to make a lot of our customers very happy. Quite a few of you asked for a common shared mailbox where your team can view emails from multiple email address, while a few others wanted to easily migrate to Freshsales from other CRMs. You asked, we listened. Today, we’re glad to announce Team Inbox, support to import data from other CRMs, option to switch plans during trial and a lot more.

Team Inbox

Every team in your company interacts with the same set of customers using multiple email address. For instance, sales teams contact customers for upgrading and cross-selling, support helps them resolve their tickets, while marketing sends them promotional emails and newsletters. While your customers respond to some, their replies are scattered among multiple mailboxes.


That’s where Team Inbox comes in. Team Inbox brings all your emails from multiple email addresses inside Freshsales, and links it to the appropriate leads and contacts. You now have one common place to access all the emails, and get better context while interacting with customers.

With a shared mailbox, you can be assured that new emails have been attended to and replied without any delay. Sales reps can quickly scan, pick out unanswered emails and start an interaction. It’s the perfect mailbox to collaborate, know what your team is working on, and see a live stream of customer conversations.

View emails by mailbox


With multiple email address synced with your Freshsales account, you can choose to view the emails specific to a mailbox using filters.

Set your ‘From’ and ‘Reply-to’ email address


Choose to send emails from any one of the email address and have your customers reply to another. For instance, sales rep can set the reply-to as their email address and track the response in their Inbox. To set the from and reply-to email address, go to your Profile under Personal Settings.

Migrate data from Insightly, Zoho, Pipedrive and SalesforceIQ with ease


You can now easily migrate from other CRMs to Freshsales. Just go to Admin Settings → Other CRM Migrations, and select the CRM to migrate from. Currently, we support migration from Insightly CRM, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive and SalesforceIQ (of course, this list is only going to increase). Upload your .ZIP file and save.

If your file is greater than 250MB, just send us the file via email and we’ll upload the data for you.

Filter across leads, contacts, accounts and deals


You can now filter contacts based on the fields in accounts and deals modules, and vice versa. For instance, if you want to send out emails to all contacts from a particular industry, you can now add ‘Industry type’ field (which is an account field) in filters, and get the list. Or, if you want to contact all customers who paid this month, filter your contacts by ‘Closed date’ (a Deal field) and send out the bulk email.

Search by custom fields

Last month, we improved our search functionality by making it more accurate and faster. Now you can search for records using a custom field value. For instance, if ‘Invoice Number’ is a custom field, you can search for a particular account using the invoice number.

Switch plans during trial

Evaluate a Freshsales plan that best suit your sales needs during your 21-day trial period. Easily switch between plans and check out the features before you go ahead and subscribe for one. Sounds interesting? How about signing up for a trial now?

That’s it for this update. And as always, if you’ve request for features you want to see in Freshsales, do write to us at support@freshsales.io

Happy Selling!

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