Freshworks CRM Now Automatically Finds Duplicates and Connections

Cleaning up customer data has always been a universal problem—no matter how careful you are, duplicates always creep into the system. At Freshworks CRM, we’ve now made it easier to identify and clean up your data with our new Duplicates feature.

You can now find duplicates for all your contacts at the click of a button. Freshworks CRM searches for these duplicates by matching the full name, email address or phone number. The list of potential duplicates will appear on a new tab on the right side of the Details page (refer screenshot). Once you review the data and confirm that a contact is a duplicate, you can go ahead and merge the records right there.


Another bonus feature that we’ve released is Connections—this is a list of people from the same company who already exist in the system. Freshworks CRM searches for connections by matching the company name, or the domain of the email address (for example, will be displayed as a connection for With this feature, you can instantly be informed about all stakeholders related to a particular prospect. The Connections icon can be found right beneath the Duplicates icon.

This is just the beginning of our deduplication feature! We’re constantly working on improving the results. Keep watching this space for news about future enhancements. Happy selling!

Applicable plans: This feature is available from the Pro plan onwards in all our editions.

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How to find duplicates for contacts

Cover image by Anandh Ravichandran