Freshworks CRM All Features Conversion Optimization A/B Testing

Make impactful decisions based on data-driven experiments

Build landing page variations with ease

Create different versions of your website easily with Freshworks CRM’s intuitive editor. Whether you are a tech-averse marketer or a geeky coder, you can make simple text-level changes or advanced code changes based on your requirements. 

Optimize for revenue

While you may have conversion goals that track user engagement, it is time to go beyond optimizing your website for clicks. With revenue tracking goals, attribute actual revenue to every vital event performed (E.g., Added to cart), and add more value to your conversion experiments.

Target your audience better with segmentation

Freshworks CRM collects your visitor’s behavioral attributes that you want to track. With unique insights into every audience segment, discover what works for them, and optimize your pages to get maximum conversions from targeted audience segments.

Measure the impact of your tests

Freshworks CRM’s detailed reporting gives you insights into how your tests are performing. Learn why a variation leads over the other with detailed metrics like conversions over time, unique conversions, significance achieved, and more.

A robust platform for all your experimentation needs

Integrated Heatmaps
Advanced Code Editor

                                 Need just the Sales or the Marketing Cloud?                           Then we've got you covered too.

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Surface the hottest leads, manage pipelines, automate sales activities, and get smart insights that help close deals faster.


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Create personalized campaigns, attract the best leads, engage contextually, and deliver the best customer experience at scale.