Adding Chat to your Sales, next to Email and Phone

Chat is a great way to connect your potential buyers with your sales in real-time. Engaging your website visitors with immediate solutions increases your sales significantly. That’s why we worked with Freshchat to help you boost your sales. You can now convert your online visitors to potential customers without leaving your CRM.

Get your Freshchat up and running with Freshsales

Integrate your Freshchat with Freshsales. That’s it. You are all set to engage your customers from your sales CRM. Just grab your Freshsales API key and flip a toggle to reroute your website visitors to your Freshsales account.

Automatically create leads from your website chats

Armed with your Freshchat integration, you can now have your website visitors created as Leads or Contacts in Freshsales automatically. You can also have these leads auto-assigned to the respective sales agents based on rules set in Freshsales. Later you can filter these leads  to proactively follow up with them.

Filter your website visitors by Source = Chat, Last contacted mode = Chat and Last chat conversation time

Connect with your website visitors from your CRM

Connect your sales agents with your online leads who can nail down tailor-made solutions for their needs. When your customers are live on your website checking your product, have your sales get in touch with them for immediate solutions. Increase sales from your website without leaving your CRM. 

Sync your chat conversations to your sales CRM

Freshsales automatically syncs all chat conversations from Freshchat with the respective leads. View a lead’s timeline to know your history of interaction with that lead.

Applicable plans – Blossom, Garden, Estate,Forest
Knowledge base – Freshchat integration

Bridge the gap between your Customers and Sales by chatting with them right from the sales CRM.