Freshmarketer All Features Chatbots

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an AI-based software, typically used by businesses to simulate conversations with their audience base. With Freshmarketer, you can design and deploy conversational chatbots that focus on intent, to personalize your engagement with your prospects and customers. Use them across your marketing, sales, and support functions, deliver proactive campaigns, achieve revenue goals, resolve issues quickly, and do more.

Create tailored conversational experiences

Delight your audience with Answer Bots

Whether you want to impress your website visitors or address prospect queries, Freshmarketer has you covered. Engage with your audience, and resolve their concerns to their satisfaction with Answer Bots. Capture website leads, address grievances, and do a lot more with Answer Bots.

Set up intelligent conversations

With Custom Flows in Freshmarketer, easily create proactive and engaging bot conversations. Segment and target your audience to deliver personalized bot campaigns, book appointments, and seamlessly transfer conversations to your team when a negative intent is identified. Set up automated bots that require zero-coding knowledge and keep your conversations going.

Manage audience preferences to provide delightful experiences

Provide exemplary support to your customers with automated chatbots in Freshmarketer. Figure out the commonly asked questions on your website/support portal, train your bot to answer them, trigger follow-ups, and map answers to question variants, and engage relevantly. 

One platform for multiple teams

Run acquisition campaigns, personalize outreach, and do more — all within Freshmarketer.

For Sales Teams


Accelerate your sales cycle and close deals faster

Book meetings

Quickly book meetings with the hottest prospects with Chatbots. Capture all information, set up automated conversations, and focus your time on selling.


Easily identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities for your prospects who are about to make purchases. Intervene with automated chatbots that relevantly communicate this information.

Provide quotes

Instantly give estimates or quotes to prospects who are requesting them. Easily capture their details, send documents, and provide delightful experiences.

Respond to sales inquiries

Create chatbots that answer commonly asked sales questions around pricing, product/service benefits, competitive differentiation, and more, automatically.

Upgrade plans

Create chatbots that upgrade prospects’ plans or extend their trial. Accomplish upgrades instantly, improve customer relationships, and boost loyalty. 

Deliver successful marketing campaigns with Chatbots

Manage newsletter signups

Quickly target avid readers of your website blog, engage with them based on their behavior, and boost newsletter signups.

Run offers 

Easily run offers at opportune moments — for example, when a customer is about to purchase. Improve your conversion chances and delight customers.

Capture website leads

Provide a non-boring alternative to website forms with Chatbots. Promptly capture visitor information, and gain more leads from your website.

Manage events

Capture lead information for your events and boost registrations. Set up conversations to communicate event venue, date, time, etc., with custom flows.

Onboard users 

Efficiently onboard new users to your product/service by triggering messages at the right time. Intervene when necessary and provide frictionless experiences.

Gain customer feedback

Run surveys on your website/product to gauge customer satisfaction levels. Quickly gain feedback, identify improvement areas, and better your services.

Looking for an all-in-one sales and marketing solution? Try Freshsales Suite

Freshsales Suite combines the power of sales, marketing, chat, and telephony in one AI-powered solution.

  • Attract the best leads with personalized messages
  • Engage across channels - Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Chat
  • Close deals faster with AI-powered insights
  • Deliver personalized experiences with 360° customer context