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Spend less time creating emails

Emails are the go-to medium for outbound campaigns. It can, however, get mundane to draft the same email to every customer in your email list. Leverage the power of bulk emails to reach a large audience in a single click with personalized emails.

Provide contextual engagement with customized templates

Create commonly used emails as templates to save time. Track the performance of your templates and share the best-performing ones with your team. 

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Personalize bulk emails for better engagement

Tailor emails with targeted content to specific prospects with bulk email customization. Personalize your emails with custom placeholders to improve open and click-through rates.

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Track emails within the CRM

Track email opens and link clicks using in-built tracking options. Get real-time email notifications when your recipients interact with your emails.

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Deliver emails at the right time

Schedule bulk emails at a specific date and time. Choose the time zone of your choice, to enable better customer engagement. Ensure compliance with email regulations by adding an unsubscribe link in your bulk emails.

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Analyze email performance with insightful metrics

View metrics like the number of opens, clicks, and replies, and optimize your bulk emails. Set up follow-up emails and also drill down into metrics related to specific leads or contacts and gauge your campaigns' performance. 

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Deliver engaging emails faster with Bulk Emails

Share updates

Keep your customers updated on new features, product upgrades, and organization announcements.

Re-awaken cold leads

Send campaigns to cold leads and reinitiate interest. Schedule bulk emails with personalized content to improve the chances of conversion.

Convert leads from emails

Automatically capture leads from emails, if the sender is not an existing lead or contact in Freshsales.

Event follow-ups

Schedule and send follow up emails to event attendees. Track open and click rates to understand the extent of engagement.  

Looking for an all-in-one sales and marketing solution? Try Freshsales Suite

Freshsales Suite combines the power of sales, marketing, chat, and telephony in one AI-powered solution.

  • Attract the best leads with personalized messages
  • Engage across channels - Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Chat
  • Close deals faster with AI-powered insights
  • Deliver personalized experiences with 360° customer context
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