Freshworks CRM All Features Customer Segmentation

What are Segments?

Segments help you target your business’s broad audience base. You can segment them based on user properties like demography, geography, and behavior, to target the right set of customers, and improve conversion opportunities from your Marketing Campaigns.

Build customer relationships with personalized campaigns

Send relevant emails to your audience personalized to their interests and improve engagement. Prevent email fatigue and
grow your email lists with advanced segmentation capabilities.

Create segments of your customer data

Create smart segments and filter contacts by demography attributes like gender, age, income, etc to run targeted campaigns. Use time-based segments to send out emails at the right time, and multi-level filters to target a specific customer group.

Segment data based on contact behavior

Define segments based on how your contacts interact with your website, app, or campaigns. Add custom events that fit your needs, and easily create segments based on the pages they visit, links they click, abandoned carts, and more.

Run location-specific campaigns with geographic segmentation

Build segments to target your customers across a specific location, region, or country. You can also create segments to filter contacts from your previous marketing campaigns using UTM parameters. Create segments of contacts who have entered, exited, or are currently engaged with existing automated journeys.

Personalize your engagement with smart segments

Freshworks CRM helps capture events from your website and create behavioral segments based on the users’ interaction with the business. Marketing segments enable you to trigger personalized journeys for your audience and send customized email campaigns that are timely, and highly relevant.

Gain more context about your customers

With the contact activity timeline, understand how customers traverse your website and product across different stages in their buyer journey.

Create conversion opportunities

Nudge your users towards conversions using triggered messages that go out at the right time without being too intrusive.

Enable closed-loop marketing

Bring your marketing efforts to a logical conclusion by sending them directly to your sales teams and garnering their feedback, all within the same platform.

Guaranteed email delivery

Send emails that get delivered straight to your subscribers’ inboxes without getting lost along the way. 

Contextual engagement with automation

Identify users that have to be added or removed from automated campaigns and foster better engagement with your audience.

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