What’s New: Data Migration – Free and Fast for a Fresh Start

Data migration between CRMs is often the most important element of any CRM. Too often, it is also the most daunting action causing customers to reassess switching to a new CRM. We at Freshsales understand how crucial your data is for business, and how we can assist you in successfully migrating data to Freshsales sans hassle.  Our CRM provides a free and fast built-in data migration tool, removing the demand for an expensive third-party provider for importing data you own. With Freshsales, importing is a right here, right now service without a price tag.

Read on to find why we’re better and how we’re faster.

Why are we blowing our own horn?

· Freshsales is among the first CRM players in the market to support one-click data import reducing customer engagement time during import.

· Currently, we support migration from Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM,  Insightly and SalesforceIQ.

· We also support import using CSV files for other CRMs.

All of the above right within our app! Thumbs-up to us.

How has data migration improved?

We no longer wish to keep you waiting to get started with Freshsales. We are proud to announce that you can accomplish data migration on Freshsales within 1-2 hours compared to days! Yes, life just got a lot easier. With the new ability to migrate data at significantly reduced wait times, you no longer have to halt to start.

How does it work?

Our CRM migration technique incorporates a one-click import feature that allows all records to be uploaded in a zip format. The feature allows importing tasks, appointments, notes and call log in addition to leads, contacts, accounts and deals already supported in the CSV import option. Import begins instantaneously, and a status email is sent to the Admin when migration is complete.

Follow these essential steps for a CRM migration to Freshsales:

  1. Configure Freshsales
  2. Prepare import file
  3. Import file in Freshsales
  4. Fix errors, if any and reimport

Data migration in Freshsales

Voila, moving never looked so easy before!

How does it combat data loss phobia?

Every CRM customer can admit to the fear of losing data when migrating. To pull the plug on your fear, a validation report summarizing the outcome of the migration, and a detailed error log are emailed to the Admin. This way, you can repair errors, and re-import to Freshsales escaping data loss phobia.

Which source CRMs does it support?

Presently, Freshsales supports migration from Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Insightly and SalesforceIQ, and for up to 25,000 records. Records exceeding this limit will be processed by Freshsales support team within 1-2 business days.

Freshsales data migration

Data is the crux of a CRM. So, migrating your data to a new CRM calls for caution and precision, taking care not to overlook components vital to the success of your business. The silver lining to migration is the opportunity to clean up data by removing duplicates, redundancies, etc., and improve data quality in your existing model.

Nobody knows your data better than you! Which is why we are handing over the baton to you while we are always here for you. Our step-by-step migration guide for each source CRM will walk you through the data migration. Adopt our best practices for data import for a successful migration to Freshsales!

For all queries regarding our data migration feature, contact our commendable team at support@freshsales.io. We are always happy to help you!

Happy Selling!

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