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Achieve marketing goals with effective email campaigns

Easily create emails with the drag-and-drop editor

Build emails from scratch effortlessly with our easy to use drag-and-drop editor. Experiment with different styles and layouts to create emails that communicate better. Choose from our vast collection of templates to create design-rich emails that complement your messaging.

Email Editor Screenshot Email Editor Screenshot

Optimize for different devices

Test your emails on different devices before you send out to your audience. Preview your campaigns on desktop, mobile, or tablet modes to deliver beautiful and responsive emails.

Email Platform-Level Preview Screenshot Email Platform-Level Preview Screenshot

Improve engagement with personalization

Send emails that speak to your audience with personalization and can bring in more conversions. Schedule emails to go at the right time to provide contextual engagement. Whether you want to personalize your subject lines or create different designs for different segments, do it all with Freshmarketer.

Personalised CRM Email Screenshot Personalised CRM Email Screenshot

Understand campaign performance with analytics

Go beyond the conventional metrics like open rates, click rates, etc., and get down to the nitty-gritty details of how your campaign is performing with analytics. Visualize how your campaigns fare and create powerful custom reports to identify its ROI.

Analytics Dashboard Screenshot Analytics Dashboard Screenshot

Schedule emails for better performance

Deliver emails at your recipient’s time zones to improve engagement and bring in higher conversions. Freshmarketer automatically enriches your recipient’s time zone information based on their IP addresses, the forms they have submitted, and custom events they have performed. Optimize your emails to be sent at the right time and achieve greater returns on your email marketing efforts.

Email Scheduler Screenshot Email Scheduler Screenshot

Deliver engaging campaigns that drive sales

Engage and convert your audience from subscribers into paying customers with Email Campaigns. Provide relevant information at the right time, and deliver integrated campaigns that improve conversions.

Send promotional emails

Delight your customers with relevant offers and promotions and use emails to communicate with them.

Schedule newsletters

Send newsletters to your audience to educate them about your product/service, update them about your improvements, and do more.

Dispatch event invites

Promote upcoming events that you are hosting, and use emails to motivate your audience to participate and boost registrations.

Communicate product updates

Send simple and straightforward emails about product updates and keep your audience updated.

Send announcement emails

Convey organizational announcements to your audience and keep them updated about changes that may impact them

Send internal updates

Keep your employees in the know of what is happening with the organization by using emails for internal communications.

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