Do more with your emails: Track, Link, and Create

When you add your personal email account in Freshsales, you can do more than simply send and receive emails. Now you ask, what more? We say, there are three other powerful things you can do with your emails in Freshsales.

1. Track emails before you follow up

Use the built-in email tracker to email intelligently. You can know if emails were opened, clicked and bounced, when they were read, and how often, without requesting recipients to do more than simply reading an email.

With tracking, you can measure the effectiveness of your sales email campaigns through email analytics. Get real-time email notifications when your recipients interact with your email messages. Analyse behavior to improve communication, and follow-up at the perfect time. Turn on or off tracking for individual emails directly from the compose window.

Email tracking feature is available in our Garden and Estate plans.

2. Share sales emails and hide personal emails

To optimize your email experience, you can link emails to a lead’s or contact’s page. Email sharing is an effective way for your sales team to collaborate, and learn from sales conversations. This keeps related emails in one page so you don’t have to search the inbox.

Your email settings gives control over emails you want to share with your fellow Freshsales users. At times you may want to hide your emails for personal or confidentiality reasons. In such scenarios, you can disable this setting to show those emails only in your personal inbox and sent folders, and not in the lead or contact page where it can be viewed by other users. This way, you manage your private and shared emails in one place as you choose.

Just like email tracking, you can switch this setting for individual emails directly from the email compose window. No need to go back and forth between the settings and email!

3. Auto-create leads/contacts from emails

Eliminate the hassle, and change how you create new leads/contacts from emails with automation. Nobody wants to perform manual data entry. Ain’t nobody got time for that. You may generate leads via emails from new website visitors, product queries from interested parties, attendees through appointments, and various other ways. You don’t want to lose them, and you don’t have to remember to manually add them.

If your email recipients and senders don’t already exist in Freshsales, you can enable this setting to create a new record, as a lead or contact, automatically.

What’s new in email settings?

We received your feedback and experience, and we’ve enhanced our email settings!

Some salespersons want to auto-create new leads or contacts from emails but don’t want to link emails. With the latest update, we’ve revised settings to give you flexibility over two unique functionalities – link emails; and lead/contact auto-creation. So, you no longer have to compromise on your email sharing or auto-creation, and can manage the two independently!

Share your thoughts, and let us know how this update helped you.

Happy Selling!