Freshmarketer All Features Conversion Optimization Form Analytics

Optimize your web forms and capture more leads

Analyze all form-related metrics

Instantly identify the pain points in your web forms with Freshmarketer’s form reports. Measure critical metrics like hesitation time, abandonment rate, drop-off, time spent on the form, correction rate, and much more, to create high converting forms.

Gain deeper insights with field-level analytics

Get conversion-critical information of every form field by providing only the URL of the form page, and let Freshmarketer take care of the rest. Identify the fields that affect drop-offs and rectify them to improve conversions.

Track all your form metrics in real-time

Track all your form metrics in real-time

Identify form trends
Measure drop-offs and correction rates
Know the average hesitation time
Identify engagement across devices
Measure blank rate

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