Freshsales All Features Formula Fields

What are Formula Fields?

Formula Fields automate manual calculations that you use in your business processes. They are auto-calculated fields that derive their value from an expression based on the data that already exists in your CRM account. Formula Fields in Freshsales support values — both numeric (such as Max, Min, Square root, Exponential, etc.), and string operations (such as compareTo, CONCAT, equals, indexOf, etc.) to calculate even the most complex of calculations that sales teams work with on a daily basis.

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Get all the data that you need within your CRM

Formula Fields help solve complicated calculations with code-free automation. You can compute data faster without having to frequently reach out for a calculator or perform complex mental calculations and risk erroneous results while saving time to do other important tasks.

Determine deal sizes

Compute and categorize deal sizes based on their values with extensive operators and functions.

Calculate commissions 

Figure out commissions based on your sales reps’ deal sizes and gain better insights on their performance.

Track expenses 

Track mileage or any other expenses that you incur while traveling offsite to customer locations.

Identify payment due dates

Identify when payments are due and automate your sales process to send reminders.

Generate discounts

Calculate discounts on deals as promised to your customers with formula fields and add them to invoices

Compute taxes 

Determine taxes to be added to the deals based on different geographies to reflect accurate deal value in reports.