Freshworks CRM All Features Conversion Optimization Funnel Analysis

What is Funnel Analysis?

Funnel Analysis help you identify the different steps required to reach the desired outcome on your website and track the number of users navigating through those steps. This set of steps is called a funnel. With Freshworks CRM, uncover insights about the different conversion paths on your website, reduce drop-offs, and improve your conversion rates.

Track your traffic visually and maximize conversions

Pinpoint where visitors drop-off

Funnels in Freshworks CRM, help you identify exactly where visitors drop-off on a multi-page website. Learn how many visitors that landed on your home page actually end up making a payment on the checkout page, or signing up for your product/service.

Reorder your funnel for deeper insights

Learn about the multiple paths that your visitors take on your website and identify the ones through which conversions would have happened. With the funnel reorder option in Freshworks CRM, create permutations and combinations of important paths and learn surprising insights about your visitor journey.

Dynamic funnels for improved conversions

When you have a dynamic website, you need to set up dynamic funnels that track the different events happening on your site and even the pages that do not have a unique URL. Virtual pageviews in Freshworks CRM help you monitor additional interactions on your website, such as pages that open up through pop-ups or overlays.

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