Freshmarketer All Features Conversion Rate Optimization Heatmap

Discover your visitor’s behavior patterns

Observe visitor’s actions on your web pages

Visualize what your visitors are doing across your site. Never miss any clicks or scrolls that help identify if your key elements like CTA buttons, form buttons, etc.,  are capturing your audience's attention. 

Capture visitor activity on dynamic elements

Every website today is dynamic in nature. So are our heatmaps. Unlike other tools, all behavior on dynamic elements like popups, sliders, dropdowns, modals, or even pages beyond the login screen, is never missed. 

Go beyond traditional heatmaps

Why wait for your heatmap tool to process data when you can view it in real-time? Track mouse movements on every interactive element of your website. Capture unsampled data in real-time so you never have to rely on aggregated insights anymore.

Segment heatmap data for improved optimization

Segment heatmap data for improved optimization

Capture visitor’s interaction by geography
Understand visitors better based on their traffic source
Heatmaps across mobiles, tablets, and desktops

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