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What is Personalization?

On the website, Personalization is the process of creating custom experiences for visitors based on their preferences. With Personalization, you can dynamically restructure web page layout and elements, rearrange CTA buttons, menu items, etc., to deliver personalized website versions according to each visitor’s preferences. With Freshmarketer, easily customize web pages for your different audience segments without depending on IT teams and achieve greater conversions.

Personalize website interactions and deliver delightful experiences

Convert static web pages into personalized experiences

Transform any element on your website like hero banners, call-to-action buttons, UI carousels, etc., and tailor it to your different audience segments. Choose from the available audience characteristics, or create your custom segment easily with Freshmarketer. 

Achieve conversions that matter

Track and measure website conversions with experience-specific reports and goal-based reports. Quantify personalization efforts with revenue tracking goals, and attribute actual revenue to your conversion experiments with Freshmarketer’s Personalization. 

Prevent campaign mishaps 

Break your fear of launching your personalized campaigns by watching a live preview of how the campaign would appear to your audience. Spot and fix errors in your campaigns, and reach your goals faster.

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